The Holy Grail

It's every woman's life mission to find their Holy Grail foundation. 

Only a few women succeed, and I think, I think I have done just that. 

Inika Mineral Foundation is a foundation which I bought on sale in australia, put in my collection and never thought twice about it. I tried it once, mistaking it for a finishing powder and disregarded it completely.

I wasn't until I actually read the packaging when I realised that it wasn't a setting powder, but indeed a foundation in it's self.

Thats when my my world changed. Okay not my world but - my make up routine did. 

Inika's Mineral Foundation is organic and completely free of any chemicals, as well as a high coverage foundation and concealer in one. 

Work the product in circular motions using a kabuki brush for a natural flawless even complexion which literally lasts all day, without any of the nasty chemicals.

For a more 'made up' look, especially for evenings, I reach for Bobbi Brown - Long-Wear Even finish foundation. 

It took me a while to figure out how to apply this one, it's really thick and sets really really quickly. Using the same kabuki brush I stipple a tiny amount of foundation to create an even base. 

Do be warned, it smells HORRIBLE. But it does the job and doesn't budge an inch - perfect for when you need to look your best.