Travel | PARIS : Part 3 -Sundown at The Scare Coeur, Montmartre and The Moulin Rouge

At this point my feet were plotting murder. In hindsight, heeled boots weren't the best choice for walking miles around Paris. 

We did literally walk miles. With one day to make the most of this beautiful city, we pushed on and headed north, up the winding streets to Montmartre. 

Montmartre is a beautiful part of Paris situated on a hill in the Northern part of Paris. I had stayed here a
number of years ago whilst on a Collage Art trip, and I just couldn't resist going back. 

Montmartre is is home to hundreds of artists and studios, whose history is much owed to famous artists such as Vincent Van Gough and Pablo Picasso. It's no surprise that now-a-days, the young and creative flock to the area, giving it, as Londerers' would call it - a 'hipster' vibe. 

Along with swarms of quirky wine bars and cafes, street artists are everywhere. Flooding the streets with their original creations and artistic flair. 

Following the romantic cobbled streets which weave their way up the hill, we find ourselves in the best spot in the city to watch the sundown. 

High on the hill the imposing Sacre Coeur, a Catholic church dedicated to the sacred heart of Jesus. Stupidly, I didn't take any photos of the actual church, but I did capture the breath taking views. 

Undoubtably the best view in the City, the view point at the base of the Sacre Coeur looks out over the whole of Paris. 

From here you can see all the iconic sights, entwining streets and beautiful building laid out before you. 

Even though the sky became ominously moody, the view was just enchanted by the beautiful rainbow which plummeted into the skyline. 

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After taking a few snaps, we headed into the church to look around. 

I've been inside the Sacre Coeur a few times now, but there's something about stepping over the thresh hold which quietens my soul. The atmosphere inside is thick and balmy, echoing the great majesty of the building architecture and exquisite artwork. 

I didn't take any photos inside, as cameras aren't permitted. But I did get a cheeky video, which you can see on my Paris Vlog. Click here to see! 

 The last stop of the day, a short walk from Montmartre was The Moulin Rouge! 

Complete with the iconic windmill, it made me want to watch the movie so bad! 

Completed exhausted by now, it was time to head back towards the Train station, before heading home. Sad face. However we did have time to squeeze in some cheeky cocktails! 

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