Travel | PARIS : Part 2 - Love Lock Bridge

Arm in arm we stumbled upon the famed LoveLock bridge whist heading in the direction of the Eiffel Tower from Notre Dame.

 And it's really hard to miss. 

For years love struck couples, young and old have sealed their romance with lock and key. They add this symbol of their relationship to the railings of the bridge joining the hundreds of lovers that came before them. 

We didn't come prepared, however it wasn't hard to find a street seller who carried hundreds of padlocks for just this one purpose. 

We signed and dated our lock, added bonus that it was my birthday and nestled in with the thousands of other locks. 

Sadly the local authorities view the locks as litter and vandalism, more of a nuisance than a symbol of love. I do think they periodically remove them bit by bit. 

I choose to ignore this, and think that our relationship is sealed forever. Ahhhh

We kept a key each, which is now on my house keys a constant little reminder of our magical day and our lock of love.

What better thing to do when in the City of Love? 

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