Travel | Paris - Part 1

It's not everyday you get whisked off to Paris. I could hardly contain my excitement when my boyfriend surprised me with tickets for my Birthday on Tuesday. I'm not going to lie, this post is going to be long and very photo heavy! Just so you know! 

We arrived at Gare du Nord mid-morning after a hideously early morning leaving St Pancreas station. Full steam ahead we headed straight out in to a beautiful crisp Parisian morning. 

First stop was one of the most beautiful spots in Paris, in search of the hunchback. We failed, but we did find Notre Dame. It's such a beautiful spot, especially in the morning sunshine. I can just picture myself sitting on the grass here in the warmer months, just people watching all day! 

The forecast predicted rain, so I dressed appropriately. However the heavens did bless up with some gorgeous sunshine at points, and torrential rain at others. 

My new tartan scarf doubled as a hood at times, and kept me toasty throughout the day! 

The perfect autumn accessory. 

Mac: Primark Similar here // Chelsea Boots: TopShop Similar here //  Blanket Scarf : Primark Similar here // Bag M&S Similar here

I simply love wondering around the hidden cobbled streets, taking in the air and the cute street sellers with all their trinkets and treasures. 

We took a (brisk) stroll along the river towards the famed Eiffel Tower. Not without stopping on Lovelock bridge where we purchased our own lock and added it to the millions of lovers who have done the same for years. 

A must do when one goes to the city of love. 

To see our LoveLock bridge moment, Click here

Our stroll along the river was rudely interrupted when the heavens decided to pour down on us. We quickly retreated into a near by restaurant for refreshments. We eagerly tucked into our food, the best caesar salad I've ever eaten, steak and a large glass of vino before venturing back into the elements. 

As we rounded the corner and glimpsed the iconic tower, we were rewarded for our perseverance with the most gorgeous blue sky. 

No matter how many times I go to Paris, the Eiffel Tower takes my breath away. It's elegant silhouette pierces the Parisian sky with it's intricate metal work and hoards of on-lookers. However, it's not just the tower which will win your heart, but the stunning gardens and pathways that lie at it's feet. 

No trip to Paris would be complete without the obligatory crepe, or 3, with a generous helping of sticky nutella. 

Which I did manage to dribble all over me - of course! 

After all that walking, it was time to relax. 

We found the nearest cafe in the afternoon sunshine and went to order some coffees. However, the cocktails were just too much to resist. 

As I sipped on my Strawberry and vodka cocktail, we perused the map, to decide where to head next....

 Stay tuned to see more of our adventures in Paris...

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