Decor | Nesting Material

As I've got older, I've noticed I'm becoming more and more like my mother. My mother is the queen of perfection, everything in it's perfect place and flawlessly coordinated. This motherly instinct is becoming more intense the close I get to moving day. Like a magpie I've been collecting cute for bits and bobs to make our new home, feel like home. 

I like to call these bits and bobs: Nesting Material.

Every woman loves to nest. However my boyfriend doesn't seem to have the same instinct. To his dismay, my collection of nic-naks and trinkets is growing at a healthy rate. It's hardly believable that this time last year we were moving into our beach-side apartment of dreams on Manly Beach and after moving 5 times since then, I cannot contain my excitement to finally have a nest to call my own.

Here's a peak at some of the nesting materials I've collected so far.

My mother in law picked up these gorgeous apple breakfast bowls. These little porcelain apples are unbelievably cute. I just can't wait to whip up apple bowl of fruity granola nestle down with a steaming cup of coffee to start my mornings.

I have a thing about initials, I sign with my initials, have multiple initial decorations, I especially love seeing my boyfriends initials snuggled up close with mine. I spotted these cute scrabble letter coasters while shopping for anniversary gift, and I just couldn't resist.

I'm also a little bit of jar hoarder. I just can't see the point in spending lots of money to buying glass jars when you can up-cycle old ones. From jam to coffee, jars are everywhere. Just a quick scrub down and they make the perfect vase, storage or statement piece.  I just love this old coffee jar with its air tight glass topper.

Finally, nothing makes a new nest feel like home than a personal touch. I like to doodle and draw, it's the perfect way for me to relax and unwind after a long day. Dressed up in a cute frame, it's the perfect way to add a pinch of creativity and personality to a new home.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.