Style | Effortless style for second day hair

Lately, I've been trying to limit the amount of times a week I wash my hair. Frequent washing actually causes your scalp to produce even more oils, making it greasier more quickly. Not only that, but over washing can cause your hair to become dry, dull and brittle. 

I'm loving this simple second and third day hairstyle, it's so simple, and effortlessly stylish. Perfect for those days where hair can be a bit unruly and uncompromising. 

1. Dry Shampoo is your friend. For washed and unwashed hair, dry shampoo adds heaps of texture and volume. I spray it into the roots and left to work for a couple of minutes, before massaging it in, and brushing it through. You can then go back and back comb your roots to create even more volume, if it's needed. 

2. Gather your hair in a loose pony at the base of your neck, and twist into a messy bun. Pop in a bunch of pins to secure it, there's no perfect technique, I think the messier the better.

3. Then tease out the sides and crown to create more volume and my desired shape. Try pulling a few strands out around your hair line to add a soft frame to your face. 

4. A touch of hair spray to keep it in place, and you're good to go! 

Effortless style in around 2minutes!