Beauty | Autumn Beauty Warriors

Gone are those long summer days and skimpy summer dresses. Autumn is well and truly settling in and Winter is just around the corner. Changes in air temperature and the unpredictable nature of the elements tend to wreak havoc with your beauty regime. 

Moving from the chilly wet London streets in to warm buildings and central heading tends to ruin that perfect blow out your spent an hour on before work. Gale force winds and the shortening hours of sunlight leave your VitB nourished skin a thing of the past. 

Like most, I've been noticing my dry flaky skin and my unruly hair troubling recently. So I thought I'd share some of my New Autumn warriors, helping keeping my hair silky smooth and skin soft. 

The Body Shop: Vineyard Peach Cream Body Scrub. The step for soft skin is always good exfoliation. During the cold weather your skin takes a beating, and dead dry skin cells tend to accumulate at a fast rate. Regular exfoliation will rid your body of dead cells, leaving your healthy skin ready for layer of moisturiser. To add an extra healthy glow during the winter months, I use Garnier Summer body all over to nourish and bronze my skin. Review here

TRESemme: Platinum Strength Stay Soft Leave in treatment. If you have long hair like me, you probably have a daily battle with knots and tangles. Smoothed into damp hair, the TRESemme Platinum Strength leave in treatment leaves your hair easy to brush and continues to strengthen and nourish your hair throughout the day. Just what you need during the colder months. 

V05: Smoothly Does It Frizz Free Cream. Lock your style in place and protect it from the autumn wind with the V05 Smoothy does it frizz free cream. With an added heat protectant, the V05 smoothly does it frizz free cream defies frizz and keeps your style in place and frizz free. 

Nivea: Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle eye cream. With less exposure to natural sunlight, your complexion can really suffer. For me, it's my dark circles which are really noticeable during the winter time. Niva Q10 plus anti-wrinkle eye cream is a light formula designed to target those nasty dark circles as well as preventing wrinkles. 

Amazon Lilly Scented candle. I love nothing more than to cosy up for the long cold evenings, light some candles and just relax.