Beauty | A Whiter Brighter Smile

One of the best accessories is a pretty smile. A key to great personal confidence is being proud to bare your pearly whites.  My teeth are definitely what I get most compliments on, and I'd like to keep it that way.

I had braces for 2 years, full train tracks top and bottom. I went through the pain when they were tightened and silly elastic bands that constantly broke. I had teeth pulled and prodded and numerous bad experiences at the dentist, so much that my dentist is now scared of ME!  After all that, I now do everything I can to avoid any teeth issues, and unnecessary visits to the dentist's office. 

A pretty smile is a healthy smile, whether you hate your teeth, are going through ortho treatment, or they're looking a little dull. It's so important to look after your pegs. They're the only ones you've got after all. So here's a few tips on how I keep my grin looking it's best.

Brush.  It's no secret you should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day!! I'm shocked how many people don't actually do this. I'm guilty as charged for skipping my teeth after a late night, with all the other faff related to getting into bed, brushing at night is often the one that slips. But, boy do I regret it in the morning when I smell my crocodile breath and feel the fuzz. To keep my smile bright and healthy, I opt for a whitening all in one toothpaste such as Colgate advanced white or White Glo - Extra strength Whitening (Review).

Floss. 'And you shouldn't neglect your gums..' Bonus points if you can name the movie thats from. But it's true. Food and plaque likes to hide out between your teeth and in your gums. If you struggle with bad breath, then perhaps it's that week old bit of chicken that's still lodged between your teeth. You'd be surprised just how much crap you could be keeping in your mouth, even after brushing! I like to carry floss with me, and this dinky pink pack from SuperDrug is perfect to throw in your bag, so there's no excuse!

Rinse. Once you've flossed, it feels great to wash away all the bits. Not only will using mouth wash make your mouth feel incredible, but it will decrease plaque build up, treat your gums and leave your breath minty fresh. I use Dentyl Active in Smooth mint, as it's alcohol free so no nasty stingy feeling, and when you spit it out, all the bits off food and plaque show up in the sink. You'll be surprised how much you'll see, it's strangely satisfying. 

Treat. For an extra whitening boost, I like to use an over night treatment. Beauty Sleep from Pearl Drops, its a liquorish flavoured gel which works over night to brighten and whiten your smile. Take a pea-size blob and rub over your teeth and gums and leave over night. It's best to avoid drinking or eating after application so it doesn't wash away. Over about a week, using the gel nightly your smile will be simply gleaming! 

Presentation. A cheeky tip for a whiter look - apply some blue toned red or pink lippy as this will make your teeth appear even whiter than they are! 

Finally, remember to smile, full and big. Be proud of your smile and the world will smile back.