DIY | A Crafty Halloween Alternative

You can't escape it, everywhere you look, everything you read, everything you hear. 

Halloween is upon us. However, what if you don't celebrate it? 

Personally, I don't care for halloween, among other reasons, it's a huge marketing scheme which make companies a whole lot of cash this time of the year, and Christmas is expensive enough!

I just don't understand the pull of it, yes its an excuse to have a party and dress up in weird and wonderful outfits, complete with fake blood and fangs. Overall I just don't see the attraction of all this Halloween Hype...

For those of us who don't wish to dress up and look like the half dead, and don't fancy knocking on strangers' doors in the hope of sugar treats, this post is for you! 

Instead of squeezing into laddered tights and applying WAY too much eye-liner, I'm opting for some Crafty Halloween Alternatives... 

Why not make the most of the dozens of pumpkins available on every corner? But instead of scaring your neighbours, how about some of these gorgeous home decor pieces? 

Find the DIY instructions for this beautiful autumnal glitter candle here

Or go for something more simplistic... this gorgeous polka dot sequin pumpkin, found here.

Somewhere between clouds of glitter and sticky fingers, you may find yourself feeling a little peckish... 

Why not try this Pumpkin and cinnamon tear bread, find the details and recipe here.

Don't brave the cold for your favourite caffeine fix, when you can make it at home. Nothing makes me feel more cosy in autumn than curled up sipping on a Pumpkin spiced latte. Try this healthy recipe here.

For me the most exciting thing about the end of October, is that it's NEARLY CHRISTMAS! Oh yes, I yearn for all things red and gold, bright and twinkly. Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year. 

So before time runs out, why not get started on some DIY Christmas Cards? I love this one, you can find the tutorial here.

So whether or not you're celebrating Halloween this year, stay safe and let me know if you try any of these! 

If you do I'd love to see them - make sure you tag me on Instagram - @glitterview and while you're at it, don't forget to follow!