I Draw

I used to love drawing. It was a way to relax in my teens. Now in my twenties, I've picked up the pencil again as a way to unwind now the evenings are drawing in. 

Fluff & Squidge

Meet Fluff and Squidge. They're 4 week old Toy Chihuahua Pups, just learning to walk.

Nothing beats a cuddle with these guys to ease the tension of a long day. 

Movin' on

Yep, that's right. We finally got ourselves a place of our own. I can't wait to start nestlings down in our gorgeous little corner of London. 

With 4 weeks till M'day - I'm wasting the hours away on Pinterest. I love the simple grey and white texture here. Source

Photo Booth

Wedding season is nearly over! Last month I had the pleasure of attending a very good friend's wedding. 

It was a beautiful day full of family, friends and a Photo Booth