Your Tea : Tiny Tea 14day TEAtox

A tea which makes you slim? Of course I'm going to try it! Albeit, I'm well aware from experience that a good body is down to disciplined diet and exercise. But if something helps in the form of a 'TEAtox'... why not try it?

Your Tea has a range of teas which are formulated to target varies problem zones from your colon to your complexion, digestion and even sex. I ordered the Tiny tea formulation which aims to cleanse and nourish your digestive system allowing you to feel at your physical peek. Delivery was swift, causing elated excitement when this cute as a button box arrived on my desk at work! There started me TEAtox. 

You can select the duration of your TEAtox by ordering different sized boxes, I chose the 14 day Tiny Tea TEAtox from the body range which comes with 42 individually wrapped tea bags, with instruction to consume 3 teas a day. Simply infuse the teabag with fresh boiled water for 5-7 minutes around 30 mins before a meal, and on an empty stomach. 

I was pleasantly surprised at the taste, as other slimming teas I've tried in the past have been hardly drinkable, yet Tiny Tea is a pleasant herbal tea with a zesty kick. The main ingredients listed include Oolong tea, Sicklepod Seena Seed, lotus leaf and Hawthorn berry. 

So does it actually work I hear you ask.. Well I'm around half was through my TEAtox, and I've not kept to the rules as such. I don't have regular set meal times as my life is constantly hectic, so it's been difficult to coordinate 30mins before I eat. But despite not being constant, I've definitely noticed the difference Tiny Tea TEAtox makes. Bloated bellies are a thing of the past (when I remember to drink it), after eating my stomach is calm and flat. My digestive system has really changed, making me feel a lot more energised and my body feeling more fresh and clear. Now, claims that are all over the internet that this tea will make you skinny, my friends is a hoax. Doing a TEAtox alone certainly wont do that job, but if you're eating right and exercising, Tiny Tea is a definite benefit, especially by stopping that after meal time bloat. 

The down side of Tiny Tea TEAtox, sadly is the price: at £20 for the 14day plan, it seems a little much to me. But definitely worth the investment if you're going away and want to keep your body of top form for those bikini days. I will probably repurchase at some-point, perhaps before a holiday or a big occasion. 

Have you tried Your Tea Tiny Tea TEAtox? I'd love to know how you found it? 
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