Skincare | Natio - Gentle foaming facial cleanser

Natio isn't as easy to find in the UK, but when I see it, I just can't resist. This brand just can't do wrong it my books, see previous reviews of Natio products here. Natio aromatherapy gentle foaming facial cleanser is a soap-free pearlecent gel cleanser with neutral pH, which helps the skin maintain it's natural balance. Containing a host of essential oils including sandalwood, rosewood as well as shea butter, jojoba and lemon, Natio gentle foaming facial cleanser avoids stripping the skin's naturals moisture and neutralise the drying effects of hard water on the skin. Simply massage a small amount over damp skin to remove excess surface oils and left over make-up.

I use the Natio gentle foaming facial cleanser in the mornings to gently remove and oils and build up on my skin over night. It's beautifully light with a soft relaxing fragrance to wake me up. It brightens and cleanses my skin without drying it out, leaving it lovely and clean to start the day. 

If you haven't tried any Natio Products then you should definitely give it a go.