Read | The Perfume Collector - Kathleen Tessaro

It's no secret that I love to read, and there's no better time than a warm summers day to pick up a book and lose yourself. The Perfume collector by Kathleen Tessaro is one of the most beautiful and honest novels that I've read in a number of years. The lyrical prose leads you from the past to the present following a un-contented woman and her journey from London to Paris, but more so, her journey of self contentment and freedom. Here are some of my favourite quotes: 

'Perfume should tell a story - the story of who you are, who you might be, perhaps even of who you fear becoming ... all of these thing are possible. It's a very intimate element of a woman, just like her signature or the sound of her voice. And it conveys feelings and states of being that have no name, no language. Its very ambiguity makes it truer than words because, unlike words, it can't be manipulated of misunderstood.'

'I feel like a sheet of paper that someone's torn into tiny pieces and thrown to the wind. But the wind in Paris is rather nice.' 

'The ideal muse is a woman whose rough edges and contradictions drive you to fill in the blanks of her character. She is the irritant to your creativity. A remarkable possibility, wait to be formed.'

' Some of us, no matter how hard we try, aren't meant to lead ordinary lives. Fate finds us. Gives us a shove.'

'A woman who no longer cares about how she looks has given up on more than fashion - She's given up on life. ' 

'I will not go mad as long as there is beauty in the world and I can be near it.' 

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