Vaseline | More than just a lip balm

I don't think I can count the number of vaseline tins I've owned in my life time. Vaseline is something I think everyone's had in their stash at some point in their life, a easily remedy to chapped and sore lips. But it's not just good for lips, it has a zillion other uses too. 

// Elbows and Knees - A little bit goes a long way to keep dry patches moisturised.
// Brows - Tame those brow hairs with the smallest amount brushed through your brows. 
// Cheeks - Forget expensive products, a small amount of vaseline applied to the apples of your cheeks will give you that healthy dewy look.
// Lashes - Apparently sleeping with lashes lightly coated in product will encourage you lashes to grow longer and fuller
// Lip Scrub - 1 tps Vaseline + 1 tsp granulated sugar = DIY moisturising lip scrub
// Chaffing - you know...
// Make up remover - Oils will dissolve make up, so take a lump of vaseline and massage over your face to break down and remove even stubborn eye make up. 
// Manicure - Applied around your cuticles, nail polish mistakes will just wipe away
// Hair - Add texture and hold to your hair by scrunching a little through your locks
// Split ends - Hide those split ends with a just a touch between your fingers
// Cuticles - a small amount will keep your cuticles fresh and soft

Theres so many more... just a reminder that even the most basic beauty products should never be overlooked by expensive luxury products!

How do you use your Vaseline? 

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