Sunday Spa | Soap and Glory - No Clogs Allowed - Detox Mask

I've loved all the body products I've tried from Soap and Glory, but despite the great reviews, I was always skeptical of their skin care. Being very gimmick-ly branded, I just wasn't sure if it would actually do anything good for my skin. My skin was in dire need of some TLC, working long stressful days and not getting much sleep in the lead up to a big event, I took action. 
Soap And Glory No Clogs Allowed - Super Self Heating Deep Pore Detox Mask takes on a more sophisticated appearance than other S&G products, with clean white packaging and a handy squeezey tube. The formulation is a white gritty, clay-like paste which contains a self heating ingredient which really helps open those pores and clean out all that gunk. I use a grape sized amount of product to evenly cover my skin and I can instantly feel it heating up. It's a strange sensation of minty tingle and heat, which is actually quite pleasant and soothing at the same time. The product goes on white and is activated by massaging a small amount of water over the product, activating the ingredients and turning the product to a light blue. After 5 mins, the mask has done it's job without going horribly hard and tight- which I hate. Due to it's gritty texture, it also makes the perfect scrub, just wet your hands and work the product around your face to remove dead and dry skin. 
Once washed of my skin feels transformed. Honestly my skin felt like new, beautiful cleansed and polished. As well as that my skin felt de clogged without any drying. It really worked well to penetrate the pores sucking out all the oils and impurities, and within a day after use, my complexion was so much clearer too. 
white, before activation
 Blue, after activated with water

Used once a week, the Soap and Glory - no clogs allowed - deep pore detox mask is a staple in my skin care regime. 

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