Vine Vera: Resveratrol Moisture Day Cream*

Vine Vera is not a brand I was familiar with until I walked past their store in South Kensington a couple of weeks ago. Vine Vera is a luxury american cosmetics company that utilise the natural grapes to develop their line of skin care products, favourited by the rich and famous. 

I was lucky enough to sample the Resveratrol Moisture day cream from their Merlot collection. Resveratrol is a naturally occurring antioxidant found in red grapes which works with the skin to neutralise free radicals. By doing this the product claims to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and skin imperfections which come with ageing. Being only 22, I don't suffer with any wrinkles, but I do believe in taking steps to prevent/delay their development. 

The Vine Vera Resveratrol Moisture day cream is a white cream which feels very rich to touch. My first thought was that it would be too heavy for my young and oil prone skin, as overly rich creams only ever seem to break me out. However I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly the cream absorbed into my skin, without leaving a messy oily residue. 

The sample contained about 4days worth of product as a little goes a long way. After only 4days, it's hard to pass a firm judgement on the product, but I do rather like it. Along with smelling delicious, the cream is so luxurious and leaves my skin feeling plump and healthy. I would definitely buy this product in full size as it really did make me feel like a million dollars, this is the dangerous lure of luxury products. Unfortunately with a price tag of $149, I shall have to give this one a miss. 

But if you adore the feeling of luxury, or recently won the lottery, I would definitely give it a try! 
To read more about the amazing science behind these products;
Check out their website here.

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