Bioderma Solution Micellaire Sensibio H20 | Worth the hype?

Micellaire waters are everywhere these days, since BIODERMA took the blogging and beauty world by storm almost every brand is trying their hand at it. I've seen Bioderma on so many blogs over the last couple of years and I really didn't believe the hype. So maybe products come and go, they are raved and raved about but they don't always meet expectations. For example: the revlon lip butters, yes they were good, but were they really as great as everyone was saying... in my opinion, no. 

I figured the craze you die down, but a few years on and Bioderma and micellaire waters are really standing their ground. So now Bioderma is available in the UK, I figured it was about time to give it a whirl. I spotted Bioderma in a small independent pharmacy on offer for 2 for one, so I really couldn't say no. 

A small amount of bioderma solution micellaire water instantly dissolves even the toughest of make up. Waterproof eye liner, mascara, foundation, the lot just disappears in one swipe. I was genuinely really surprised with just how well this product works! Removing makeup has never been this easy, and definitely lives up to the hype. Although I did find that it irritated my eyes slightly, leaving a stinging feeling, which really wasn't pleasant. 

Bioderma is also advertised as a cleanser, and this is where I had a real issue. It just didn't seem to do much. Yes, removing make up well does help your skin enormously, but other than that, I didn't notice any other benefits. I still had to go in with a cleanser to make my skin feel really clean and do all the other stuff. 

Despite it stinging slightly and not really doing the job as a cleanser, Bioderma is a winner for me. Literally nothing removes make up like this, no rubbing and scrubbing any more. So if you're like me, and sometimes reluctant to believe the hype; give it a go. 

Talk soon, love

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