APRIL SHOWERS | Sancturary Spa: 2 Day Moisture Shower Oil*

Since I was a teen I've been stealing my mum's Sanctuary Spa goodies and there's good reason why the famous Spa in Covent Garden is indeed so famous. However, The 2 day moisture shower oil isn't exactly the best display of how good their products are as a whole! 

Every band is bashing out the oil based products at the moment, oil treatments, oil cleansers, oil this and oil that. So I was so excited to try out the 2 days moisture shower oil from Sanctuary spa. With promises to leave skin feeling beautifully moisturised for 2 whole days (even after a second shower) and in perfect condition, why wouldn't you want to try this?

And this is why I was so disappointed. Such big promises, but I just didn't like it. Firstly the consistency of this products is just like a slightly more oily shower gel, not a true oil. It does foam up nicely though which is a plus- but I was confused to why an Oil product would foam, but it was really nice to use. And smelt amazingly of that signature spa scent, giving the feeling of luxury and highly relaxing. The 2 day moisture shower oil did rinse well, leaving my skin feeling clean with no sign of oily residues.

So everything was going well, but after I'd dried up my skin felt horrible. My skin was all tight and felt more dry than before I started. I followed up with a moisturiser which helped, but doesn't that defeat the purpose of using a moisturising shower oil in the first place? 2 days came and went, and my skin felt the same as it always did. 

I did find a use for the product by pouring some into my running bath. As it foams quiet well it was actually really pleasant and the scent is so relaxing. But not really what it's meant for...? So really a big disappointment really. I've tried a couple more of this line of products which are really great , reviews to follow, but the 2 Day Moisture Shower Oil just isn't a winner. 

Whats your favourite Sanctuary Spa product?!

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