A'kin | Pure Radiance Rosehip oil

A few months ago I received a sample of the A'Kin Pure radiance Rose hip Oil. I've really been loving beauty oils recently and I was very excited to try out the A'kin range. Rose hip oil has been using throughout history in beauty products due to its high content of fatty acids and anti oxidants. Rose hip oil works to revive tired skin, reducing the signs or ageing, including wrinkles and dark spots. 

The A'kin sample included enough for around 6 applications, as very little is required to get the job done. Firstly the oil formulation feels so strange when applying. For years I've avoided oil like the plague, believing that it would have disastrous effects on my already oily skin. But I was so wrong! The Pure radiance rose hip oil is formulated to treat all skin types, from very dry to sensitive skin. 

The oil itself is dark orange in colouring and it's oily consistency can be rather messy. But successfully applied to the face, rather than all over the sink, I really fell in love with the product. Applied after cleansing, it removed the need for moisturiser and absorbed so quickly. It did leave a light oily residue, as expected - it is an oil, so I opted to only use it at night. By the morning, my skin was noticeably brighter, more moisturised and smooth. My face also had a lovely healthy glow, and was visibly plumper. 

I don't really suffer from wrinkles and dark spots, being only 22, but the benefits to the overall appearance to my skin were great. Makeup applied more easily and my complexion looked overall more radiant. So if like me, you have a fear of oils, give it a try, and you might well be pleasantly surprised.

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