A Love Letter to my Younger self...

Dear younger Claire, 

It's been a while, I admit and honestly sometime I miss you. I'm now 22 and looking back on my life, there is so much I wish I knew, so much I wish I could relive, and so much I wish someone had told me. So here's my chance, one sweet love letter to my younger self to help you on your way. 

So you didn't do a bad job, so don't go thinking you'll be a screw up, I know you worry constantly that you'll let people down. I know that you spend hours trying to figure out the best way to please all parties, the best way you can keep the peace. But looking back, I want you to know that you're wasting your time! Seriously, you will NEVER please everyone. There will always be that one person who doesn't quite approve but the one person you need to worry about pleasing is yourself. Now don't feel too bad, I'm only just learning this, and at 22 and I wish I'd understood this so much sooner, it would of saved a lot of heartache! 

Secondly, however cool it looks on other people, Black hair is just not a good idea, so step away from the hair dye! NOW! Trust me, you'll look like a corpse and it will take you HOURS and HOURS in the hairdressers to fix it! The moment you dye it, you'll wish you were blonde again, so please save yourself the hassle and money! 

So now you're at Uni, and I know you hate it. And I don't think that memory will ever change. The years that are supposed to be the best in your life, for you they wont necessarily be that. But that's okay. Because what you don't see yet is how much you're going to grow. But what I will say, is don't rush it. Cherish how easy uni life is. You don't have to pay taxes for one! You don't have to get out of bed if you don't want! Money is dropped into your hands - regardless of your uni attendance record. That will never happen again! So please please cherish it! And if you can, spare that one trip to salon every month or so and save your pennies. You'll really thank yourself when you're my age! 

Most of all I want you to not rush your life. I know you've got a fairytale idea of how you're life will go and you'll soon have that shattered. Reality will hit and you'll learn that Fairytales aren't real. But that doesn't mean you should stop wishing. Not everything has to happen now, you're so young. Hold on tight because you're going to meet your Prince Charming, in a way you'll never expect and all your dreams will fall into place! Just keep wishing... 

The years can seem so tough, but as a result you're growing into a strong, independent woman intent on survival. And yes, you will survive! In ways that you've never even considered. Life will take you on an unexpected journey, and you're going to find happiness in places you never dreamed of. Life is going to take you to the top of mountains in Africa,the bottom of oceans in Thailand and Australia will ultimately capture you heart.

The best news of all is that the adventure isn't over yet, it's only just begun. So soak it up and love the woman you're becoming! 

All my love 
future Claire 

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