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If you follow me on twitter you will know, I HAVE A NEW JOB. Well technically I have an old job - I've returned to my old office and old team in London but this time I'm taking on a new into role! It's so lovely to be back with old friends and somewhere I feel comfortable, but fantastic to take on some new challenges this time! But even though I've worked there before, first impressions are still important.

You've heard the phase first impressions count, and for years I hated this saying, always believing it really takes time to get to know and judge a person. But as I've matured in this scary adult world I've come to change my mind. I will now go to the extent in saying first impressions are VITAL. 

Almost every human being, myself include make judgments on people within the first 30 seconds of meeting them. Our brains quickly process the new person and we place that person in a box on how who we perceive them to me. Now this does change over time, as you get to know a person, but that first impression never really disappears. It only morphs and changes a bit as we perceive more of who a person is and what they are like. 

So when it comes to professional situations its VITAL to make that first impression the right one. Who ever you are meeting, be it your boss or your colleagues or even the post man, remember that the impression you give in that moment will haunt or favour you for a while after. 

This can seem very daunting, but I've put together a little list of things that can help you make the first impression you want! The things that people pick up on in the first pick up on fall into two categories; Appearance and body language. So here's a few tips to help you;

Keep it  simple: If it's your first day on the job, keep it simple. Simple outfits are easier to polish and remain polished throughout a working day. So pick an outfit that doesn't require 100 buttons, obsessive layers or accessories. Go for a simple dress, or a pair of trousers and a blouse. This way you can keep your look maintained during the day as you're bound to be meeting lots of new people on your first day.

Don't make a statement: Yes, it's important to show your personal style, but don't use your first day in a new office to make your fashion statement to the world. Theres time for that down the line. So don't go crazy with colours or ridiculous shoes, play it safe. 

Be fragrant: Nerves are obviously going to play a factor when you're starting somewhere new, so make sure you're wearing a good amount of deodorant and pack it in your purse incase of SOS moments during the day. And pick a perfume thats suitable, the human brain remembers scents vividly so pick something you want people to remember, not your grandma's old musk! 

Polished: the little details make you look well put together, so make sure your nails aren't chipped, maybe go naked nails incase they chip during the day. Or try some false  tips to add a bit of glamour. A bit of colour always helps too - a nice tan makes you look healthy and happy.

Body language
Smile darling: When you smile, your whole posture changes. Your shoulders relax, you stand up straighter. So not only will you look engaged and positive on the first day, you will also look elegant and relaxed. People respond so much better to a smile than to a grumpy old pout. 

Shake hands: I always make a point of this. When meeting someone for the first time, offer them a handshake, don't wait for them to do it. By making physical contact, you're automatically more approachable and memorable to new people. Also if you're the one to offer your hand first, you will look assertive and confident too.

Eye contact: This is so key... when talking to someone or being spoken to, engage them in eye contact. Not the whole time or you will look crazy, but make sure you make eye contact at least 4 times a minute. A good tip is to make sure you have eye contact when you introduce your name, this way you're more memorable and they're less likely to forget your name.

So I'm sorry this was a really long post. But I thought it would be great to share some of the things I've picked up over the years and it can be so scary meeting people for the first time. I hope these tips are useful weather you're starting a new job, going for a interview, or even going to a new school.

So best of luck - I'm sure you'll shine! 
Lots of love

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Elizabeth Arden - High Shine Lip Gloss - 16 Berrylicious

One of the best parts about travelling a lot has to be the shopping. I love the duty free beauty hauls and the in flight shopping products. I picked up a few products on the way through Sydney airport as well as on the plane, so I thought I would share them with you. 

First up is this beautiful Elizabeth Arden high shine lip gloss. The counter that I bought these on actually had them on special, so they were only $10 when bought with any other purchase! I picked up the Elizabeth Arden High Shine lip gloss in shade 16 - Berrylicious. I chose The Elizabeth Arden high shine lip glosses in the darker shade as I was coming back to winter weather and I've seriously missed dark sultry lips which don't really go well with Sydney's hot summer weather. 

The gloss is packaged in a sleek squared tube containing 6.5ml of product with a doe-foot applicator. The formulation isn't too thick or too thin and applies so smoothly to the lips. The gloss isn't gloopy or tacky either which I love, it feels almost like a lip butter once applied. The shade is simply stunning, berrylicious is a medium pink toned berry colour with just a hint of shimmer and a tonne of shine. 

Pigmentation is great too, and definitely build-able for a more intense evening look and lasts for about 4-5hours on me.
I haven't been able to find the Elizabeth Arden High shine lip glosses on the EA website, but you can pick them up for a bargain price on Amazon for just £4.99 - Click the picture below for details!  

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Timotei Pure - Normal to greasy hair - Shampoo and conditioner

The Timotei pure Normal to greasy hair shampoo and conditioner are working magic on my locks at the moment. My hair has been unruly in this winter weather and overloaded with products to tame it. I picked up the Timotei pure normal to greasy shampoo and conditioner on whim when I had an unexpected stop over in London last week. And I'm so glad I did. 

The Timotei pure normal to greasy hair shampoo is a clear light gel formulation that foams up when worked into wet hair. Infused with organic green tea leaf, this shampoo gently cleanses your hair leaving it so fresh and clean. It has a lovely light scent of green tea and contains no parabens, silicones or colorants. What I love best about the normal to greasy hair shampoo is how well its cleanses my hair, breaking down all the product build up and keeps my hair looking and feeling fresh for 2-3days! 

The Timotei pure normal to greasy hair conditioner is more of a cream gel which feels so light on my hair. Again with no parabens, silicones or colorants, infused with organic green tea leaf. I massage a generous amount of product into the ends and lengths of my hair and leave it to work while I get on with other shower activities and wash out. My hair is left feeling light and fresh as well as moisturised. 

I picked these up on a whim and I'm so glad I did! 

Have you tried any of the Timotei pure products?
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Welcome home

So after 5 weeks travelling and 6 months living in Australia - I'M HOME! Yes that's right, I'm back in the slightly less exotic, England. This was a hard move for us and we had a very busy few weeks sorting out the apartment and everything ready to fly home. However this is not a permanent move for us as we did leave a bit of our hearts in Australia. So don't worry Aussies - We'll be back soon! 

Despite the jet lag and dramatic change of climate, It's lovely to be back and catch up with friends and family after so long. At the end of this week me and the boy are off to the big smoke to resume 'normal life'. So look out for regular posts from now on. I have lots of goodies planned for the next week or two. I'm so excited! 

Lots of love

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