The return of Liquid! Maybelline: Ultra gloss liquid eyeliner

For a long time I switched from the fussy and very messy liquid liner, to the more user friendly eye pens. I just found the felt tip was much more user friendly, and was less prone to mess and mistakes. But the thing I found with the liner pens was the lack of definition and density of colour. I found that as soon as the tip slightly dried up, it was so hard to create that dark crisp line that I wanted. So I decided to give liquid another go. And I am so happy that I did. 

Like many of us, I lusted after Lauren Conrad's signature winged eye liner, theres just something about her which is so polished and beautiful and you never see her without winged eye liner. The Maybelline Ultra glossy liquid eyeliner is my new 'go-to' for eye liner. Now there's really nothing special about the packaging; just a bog standard black tapered bottle, which was a demon to open, and writing that rubbed off almost instantly. But it's the product inside that's got me hooked. 
The Maybelline Ultra glossy liquid eyeliner (5g) is applied using the thin bristled brush like lots of the other liquids out there. However I feel the bristles slightly shorter in length, making it so much easier to control. With bristles, rather than a felt tip, it easy to create a ultra thin line, as well as a thicker liner by building it up. I can also get the product closer to the lash liner than the pens ever did. 

The liquid is a very thin formulation, which dries instantly with a glossy finish. I wasn't so sure about the gloss at first, but actually its really flattering. Rather than looking like a porcelain doll, the gloss actually makes my eye appear more sparkly by reflecting light, it also makes them appear larger. A bonus in my book. 

The stay power of this stuff is gobsmacking. Once it's in place, its not going anywhere! I could sleep in this stuff and it would still look perfect in the morning! I've worn this stuff to the beach where I'm in and out of the ocean, and my waterproof mascara gives up before this stuff, its amazing! But some how, it's also really easy to remove... how does that work? I don't know, but a make up wipe will remove the liner with ease, as it actually comes off in bits, like glue would (thats the only way I can describe it). 

(Please excuse the ultra grainy photo above, I took it using my ipad)

So if you're in the market for a new eye liner, I would highly recommend turning away from the pens and pick up the Maybelline ultra glossy liquid eyeliner ($10).

Look out for my liquid liner tips and trick post - coming soon! 
What do you prefer? Liquid or pen eyeliner? 

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