Stay on top of the BLOG : 3 Tips!

My bloglovin' and blog reader are jam packed with New Years posts and resolutions, I love reading these posts and finding out what people's goals and wishes are in life and for 2014. But it's impossible not to notice a trend in these posts, along with the usual 'lose weight' or 'get fit' goal which we all have, lots of bloggers are setting themselves the goal of blogging everyday or sticking to a schedule. 

Like lots of New Years resolutions everything goes find for about 2 weeks... and then crash. You lose momentum, drive , passion and time to for fill those goals that were really important to you. So here's a couple of tips I use to keep my blog on track. No I'm not perfect at this, and I've had times where I haven't blogged at all. But recently I've got myself in a really good rhythm and I'd like to share three simple tips that have really helped me. 

Diary - I like to use my ical to create a schedule, I plan the month ahead which posts I know I want to write, for example if I'm doing a series and then I'll decide the general topics, like Beauty, fashion , fitness ,etc. But of course this is always subject to change, but it really helps me to see it all laid out.

Blog Note book - I love making notes and lists, they really help me remember those good ideas that come to you while you're driving home or in the shower. I jot them all down, and every day I look over the pages and tick off things as and when I complete them. 

Prepare - There are those days where you feel like you could write forever, post after post after post. Take advantages of these days and stock up on your posts, for days when you run out of time, or just don't have the inspiration to post. You can just upload one of your stock posts and keep your readers happy. 

Theres loads of other ways to keep on track, I think its a very personal thing as well. Not everyone likes taking notes, others like to stick ideas on their pin board or something completely different. But these things have really helped me stay on top my blog! 

Do you have any tips on how to stay on top of the blog?
I'd love to hear them, please leave a comment!

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