Side bar beauties

I'd like to introduce you all to my Side bar beauties. These are two fantastic blogs matched perfectly with two lovely authors: Porcelain Shree is written a by California girl; Shree. Porcelain Shree is a beauty focused blog, with a huge variety of subjects, beauty and fashion hauls, to decor and reviews. Combined with some really lovely photography. BeautyQueenUK was a blog that I came across a year or so ago when I was living back in Oxford, UK. Written by Rachel, a self confessed beauty obsessed blogger, featuring in depth product reviews and great insight into new products. These are my first stops when catching up on my blog reading. 

Both of these lovely blogs are featured in my side bar (right), so head over and click their buttons to visit their blogs! Or click on the following links; 

Porcelain Shree

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