Petal perfect : SAVVY by DB blush: Petal

A quick post just to share with you all the blush I'm really loving at the moment. Like seriously, I'm wearing this everyday at the moment! The blush is made by SAVVY by Designer brands, which is a Priceline exclusive line of make up products. The SAVVY line has a very budget friendly price tag, but is surprisingly good quality. 

Firstly the SAVVY classic blush in petal looks scary, its a beautiful blue toned bight prink, almost neon looking. But you need not be scared, tab your blush brush gently into the powder as the powder is so highly pigmented, you only need a tiny amount to get a beautifully flushed look. I love how effortlessly just a touch of this blush makes my look healthy and glowing, almost that 'I've just been for a jog' flush. It's also perfect for the summer or the winter, looking really lovely on both pale and tanned skin. 

I was also surprised how well the SAVVY blushes also blend so easily on to the skin. I tend to apply petal to the apples of my cheeks and blend across my cheek bones. It lasts pretty well too, not requiring any touch ups through out the day which is always a plus. And very impressive for a drug store brand.

Have you tried any SAVVY products?
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