Nike Free 5.0+

Looking for the perfect pair of runners to kick start your 2014 fitness regime? Yes? Well I'd like to make a suggestion. The Nike Free 5.0+ running shoes. The Nike free 5.0+ are designed to give you the ultimate natural running experience. Constructed with a ultra flexible sole and moulded foot support, the Nike 5.0+ give you a low level running position combined with ultra soft materials making it seem like you're running barefoot. 

I've been using my Nike 5.0+ for 3 months now, and I'm in love. I've never had such a comfortable pair of work out shoes in my life. Other shoes have given me blisters, and rubbed during long runs, where at the Nike 5.0+ fit my feet like a glove and cushion them perfectly. When you first purchase your Nike 5.0+ they should feel a little too snug in the fit. This is because as yourwear them, the structure and materials will mould to your feet, giving you a uniquely shaped shoe, with the perfect fit for you. 

I use my Nike 5.0+ runners for street running, beach running and the gym. They work great with all aspects of my exercise routine. They're so comfortable, that I can't take them off, I wear them to work, to walk down the road to get groceries. Everything. Another added bonus is their style. They come in loads of colour combos; brights and neutrals too. You can even customise your own pair! So if you're looking for some great new workout shoes to fit you perfectly, I advise in investing in some Nike Free 5.0+.

Hows your 2014 fitness regime going so far? 

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