My bucket list

My mum sent my journal out from the UK, and I was so excited to receive it. Nothing is more important (in my mind) or essential to a girl and her growth, than her journal. I write everything down, experiences, thoughts, dreams, and prayers. So when it finally arrived, I was so excited to read back through my entries from the previous year. Among other 'what the hell was I thinking?' and 'Did I really say that?' moments, I stumbled across a bucket list I wrote in early 2012. I was actually really shocked at how many I could tick off! 

- Climb a Mountain - Completed Sept 2012
- Climb Kilimanjaro 
- Learn to dive - Completed July 2013
- Cycle London to Paris
- Travel to Australia - Completed August 2013
- See SE Asia - Completed July 2013
- Get a degree - Completed May 2013
- See my friends get married
- Get a Tattoo
- Go to an F1 race
- Build a good relationship with my Boyfriend's family 
- Be generous

I'm so proud of all my achievements, but its not often that I see it written down like that. To actually see it in front of you and be proud of who you are and what you've achieve in life. In September I climbed my first Mountain and raised over £3,000 for Charity! I learnt to dive in Koh Tao Thailand, completing two of my bucket list objectives in one go! I finally finished my degree in May 2013! Thank God for that! My expectations for 'Travel to Australia' were blown out of the water now that I've actually immigrated here permanently! 

Some of the list, will never be fully completed. Like seeing my friends get married, I've seen a few get married, but there will be more to come in the next couple of years I'm sure. Building relationships with my Boyfriend's family is a life long journey and hopefully will continue to get stronger over the years! Be generous, this is something that we could all do with a little, its not a goal for one year that you can complete ant tick off. But a life long change! 

The others I will get round too at some point, but since writing this list, I changed my mind about the tattoo. Firstly I'm a wimp, and secondly I can never decide what to have, I'm too indecisive. So I don't want to risk regretting something that I can't get rid of. I'm happy to stick with those little transfers that I had when I was a little kid. ha. 

This list will grow and change I'm sure. But I hope I can continue to reach my goals. When I wrote this I had no idea where life was going to take me... and look what happened. I hope this inspires you to write a bucket list, not just for this year, but for life. And discover what you're really capable of!

I'd love to hear what's on your Bucket list!
Lots of love

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