Introducing the NEW St.Tropez Instant Tan - Wash off face and body lotion.

 From the tube
 After blending*

St. Tropez have just released a BRAND NEW product to their line of self and professional tanning products. The St.Tropez Instant tan - wash off face and body lotion with Rainmac and hydrowear technology. And I just couldn't wait to try it out! 

The St. Tropez instant tan is a light lotion formulation which is applied to the skin for an instant tan which dries in a matter of minutes, leaving your skin looking beautiful bronzed and sun kissed. Available in light/medium and medium/dark this lotion is a treat for your skin. For those nights days when you need to look your best and those nights when you need to look radiant and sun kissed, the new St.Tropez instant tan offers a quick and easy instant tan with no commitment. The New instant tan is a one night stand in tanning, simply apply and wash off at the end of the night. 

So this all sounds very good, but does it work? So I've trailed the Instant tan and really put it to the test. I apply the instant tanner on the St.Tropez tanning mitt in little bit. The formulation is a thin gel/lotion, so a little bit goes a long way. Sweeping the product across my skin in circular motions, I was really impressed with the colour and how easy it was apply. Forget the 'You've been tangoed' look, and ghastly streaks, this product applies just like a lotion and blends super easily leaving a deep natural tan. I've been using the medium/dark version to boost my lightly tanned skin, and it leaves my skin soft and hydrated with none of that horrible dry powdery residue you often find with at home tanners. It actually smells pretty good to! 

Picture this; you're out for the night gorgeously tanned and looking your best and you spill a drink all over you, it happens to the best of us. This normally spells a tan disaster, but the the New Instant tan contains RAINMAC technology. So what did I do? I tried it, I poured a glass of wine down my legs (well half a glass - I hate wasting wine) and nothing. The product didn't budge - formulated with new RAINMAC and HYDROWEAR technology, promises to stay put until YOU decide to remove it. 

But I didn't stop there, oh no, I pushed it to the limit. After application and allowing the 2-3 minute dry time, I jumped in the ocean. And honestly, I was stunned, I expected it to go patchy in areas and streak as I dried off. But I carefully patted my skin with the towel but my tan remained in its place. 

As well as that, the ST.Tropez instant tan is transfer resistant, so again I had to try is. So even after sleeping all night (a humid and sweaty night I might add)my sheets came away unscathed. I was so happy! And the tan still looked good! To remove the tan, simply hop in the shower and wash it off using soap. And I found that real soap worked best,rather than shower gel. 

As well as working wonders on your body, the Instant tan wash off lotion is also great for the face! I've taken to mixing a small bit in with my BB Cream in the mornings to give me a sun kissed complexion, and I'm just loving it.  And so far I'm breakout free and it stands up to the terribly humid weather were having here too! 

Overall , I'm so impressed with this product. I've always been sceptical of instant tans, they make great promises, but don't really deliver. So next time you need to look gorgeous in a hurry, reach for the ST.TROPEZ instant tan - wash off face and body lotion. You will not be disappointed! 

You can find the new St.Tropez instant tan wash off face and body lotion online here, or in stores after January 30th 2014! 

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