Fourteen Wishes for 2014

Happy new year everyone! I hope you have a fabulous night celebrating 2013 and welcoming in 2014! I hope there aren't too many sore heads either! We had a lovely evening with friends, BBQ and sipping Champagne in the city.

So welcome to 2014! I love the start of the new year, everything is clean and fresh, the last year is behind you and in front of you is opportunity. 365 days to fill with memories, achievements , adventures and celebrations. So to help me focus on the new year, I've put together a list on wishes and goals for this year. I encourage you to do the same, either written in your diary, on your pin board or even write your own post like this one, make sure to link me as I'd love to read then. So here it is;

1. Read more : I love to read. Sitting down with a cup of coffee and a good book is my idea of a relaxing evening, but such is life that I rarely have time to do that. I think I'll make a 2014 reading list to inspire me to delve into books more often this year. 

2. Save money : I am horrible at saving money, it's like I literally have holes in my pockets. I don't know where it goes, or what I do but somehow I always run out of money. So this year it's saving time. I'm going to work out a budget and stick to it! 

3. YouTube : My boyfriend and friends are always nagging me to start a YouTube channel. But it's a bit scary isn't it? My face on your computer... do you really want that? But Hello 2014 and Hello GlitterView on YouTube - details coming soon

4. A Blog a day : Keeps the Doctors away. Yes, I think I always say this. But blogging once a day can't be that difficult. Especially when I enjoy it so much. Lets see if I can stick to this one?! 

5. Charity : In 2012 I raised over £3000 for a charity, and it felt amazing to help someone else and give to others. So I want to make it a yearly thing, every year to do something for a Charity or cause. 

6. Britain Bound : This one I know will happen, but I definitely want to visit home this year. I haven't seen my family or friends in months. I fly home in April and I'm so excited! 

7. Learn : When I finished my degree in May this year I swore I never wanted to study again. But I was wrong. I think you should always keep learning, so this year I want to study. Maybe a short course or programme, something like that. 

8. Print them pics : Digital photography is amazing, making it so easy to upload and share your photos online. But I never get round to printing them. So I'm going to go buy some pretty picture frames and fill my house with prints and photos of the people I love and memories I treasure. 

9. Gym Loyalty : I love working out, but I find it hard to be consistent. I used to to be a loyal gym monkey, but life got busy and I never found the time. This is something I want to work on, getting to the gym at least 3 times a week. Keeping fit and healthy. 

10. Paddle boarding : Something I'd never really seen much of till I moved to Australia. Paddle boarding is awesome. Something I really want to learn to do , and do well this year.

11. Forgiving : On a personal level, I find it hard to be forgiving. I get frustrated when things aren't going right and I tend to pin the blame to other people, especially my boyfriend. So this year I want to learn to be more tolerant and forgiving of the people around me. 

12. Organised : I'm always losing things, forgetting things, missing payments, running out of things at the worst possible time. It's time to organise my life. 

13. Risk taker : I'm such a worrisome person and I'm a dreadful worst case scenario planner.  This needs to change. I want to say YES to things and take more RISK. Just a few more. 

14. Dream Bigger : The world is your ouster they say. And that it is... you are capable than much more than you think. Live louder , lover harder and DREAM BIGGER. 

Share in to comments your 14 wishes for 2014 or link me if you decide to do you own!

And all the blessings in the world to 
you and your loved ones for 2014.

It gonna be a good one! 
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