Derma intensive+ facial wipes

Make up wipes are forever a controversial product in the beauty world, but there a product I can never go without. Quick and effortless, make up wipes are a fantastic way to remove make up after a long and tiring day. I never stay loyal to a make up wipe and brand, normally going for whatever is on offer at the time. Recently I've come across an awesome brand with a really budget price tag! 

The Derma intensive+ facial wipes by Mellor and Russel. 25 make up wipes providing a 4-in-1 formulation to cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin while removing even the stubbornest eye make up. The wipes are a lightly fragranced with pro vitamin b5 and silk extract. 

They do the job amazingly well, the light and smooth formulation removes make up so easily without any rubbing and tugging on the skin. The Derma Intensive+ make up wipes easily remove my liquid liner and waterproof mascara with no fuss or hassle. Perfect for those evenings where you just can't wait to get into bed! 

The formulation is very silky, and doesn't leave any greasy residue on my face either. I'm not sure how great they are on the cleansing and toning side, but I have a whole cupboard of products for that. So for  quick and easy make up removal these facial wipes are my new obsession. The iddy biddy price tag of $2.10 just makes them even better! I'm not sure if they're widely available in drug stores, but I pick mine up from Coles.

What's your opinion on make up wipes?
Are you a loyal wiper?! 

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