Damaris Lingerie - Mimi Holiday Collection : My Picks

Lingerie, beautiful lingerie has always been a weakness of mine. Since working in a high end lingerie boutique as a young teen, I just can't help myself! I'm drawn to the soft silk, intricate laces, flawless stitching and exquisite fit. Unfortunately, I am a self confessed lingerie snob, meaning I wont just buy any old bra and panties, normally resulting in a hefty price tag! I found lingerie brand Damaris while doing a bit of cheeky online shopping and fell in love with the Mimi Holiday collection. So I thought I would share a few of my favourites. 

Wizz Bang 

I'm speechless, this set is just so pretty and whimsical. It's so girly and fun, I definitely need this in my life! The bra is their full padded super plungw, made with 100% pure fluoro green silk, with deliciously delicate bubble gum pink lace overlay. I know as fashion/beauty girls we hate to show bra straps... But these, I wouldn't mind showing off! 

Bisou L'amour

For the princess in us. This bra is simply made for a princess, I love the coral silk contrasted with the peach lace overlay. 


This to mean screams girl next door. And who doesn't want to be the gorgeous girl next door? This beautiful silk chiffon balcony bra is decorated with gorgeous roses over an elegant ivory silk base. 

Bisou Bisou Kiss

Feeling sexy? I don't think it would be possible not to feel sexy in this! This design is sexy, yet glamourous at the same time. I love the high shoulder design, brining sexy lingerie into a more boho chic/1950 style. I love it.

You can find Damatis collections of lingerie by visiting their website;here. I think I will have to be making a little order for myself I think, they're just too good not too! 

(All images sourced from www.damaris.co.uk) 
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