Crying out for volume?! Kerastase Specifique K - Desnsitive GL

Just before Christmas my boyfriend treated me to a cut a colour at the famous Frank Provost hair salon. Review coming soon. But I could help myself from browsing all their wonderful product stock before I left. After speaking to the stylist about how thin and drab my hair is, she recommended I try out the Kerastase specifique K - Desnsitive GL. The Kerastase specifique K range was developed for the most sensitive of hair issues, including scalp irritation, dandruff, hair loss and thinning hair. Doesn't really sound like something a 20 something year old should be worrying about, right? 

However, my hair is so incredibly thin, it's constantly breaking meaning my hair just never seems to bulk up, no matter what I do with it! So my method of attack is faking it! I've use some many volumizing products - mousse, sprays, gums, powders - I've back combed and done all sorts or crazy things, all in the name of volume. Although some of them work and I love, like the Tony & Guy - casual sea salt texturising spray, Batiste XXL Volume dry shampoo and Schwarzkopf Ultimate keratin hair spray to name a couple, the Kerastase specifique desnsitive GL just takes the cake. 

The densitive GL is a light weight root spray, designed to boost thinning hair by adding body and texture to your roots. And it really does that. Only a TINY bit of this product sprayed onto the roots and ends of towel dried hair changes they way my hair look. After blow drying and styling, my hair holds the volume ALL day. Even the hot Australian summer. It also adds gorgeous texture, not quite the same as a salt spray as the hair doesn't look beachy and messy. But it actually somehow makes it look like I have more hair! Amazing!

Having thin hair, I find that many products weigh my hair down, and make it feel gunky and clogged up. But the Kerastase specifique densitive GL spray is hardly noticeable. I can still run my fingers through my hair without feeling the product and my hair stays fresh all day. I find its a perfect addition to an up do when you have squeaky clean hair. Simply add to the roots and length to give stop your hair from slipping and sliding after styling. 

So I give Kerastase a huge thumbs up for this product. No so much for the painful price tag or $40. But I think it's well worth it! For me having my hair look gorgeous makes me feel more put together and presentable, and it only takes a tiny bit of product, so it's going to last me AGES. I definitely think that's worth $40! 

Have you tried any Kerastase products?
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