Cross trainer 5k workout

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The cross trainer is the first thing I hit when I'm at the Gym. Whether for a warm up or a full on work out, I find the cross trainer helps me achieve the results I want. The cross trainer works by engaging your arms, legs and core into a very simple motion with customisable resistance and intensity. 

By working out on the cross trainer, you can work on cardio or weight loss depending on the intensity of your work out, as well as shape and tone your arms, legs, bum and stomach. 

Theres much debate on whether the treadmill of the cross trainer is more effective for weight loss/burning callories. But as long as your keep your heart rate at a constant across both machines, the benfits in weight loss and calorie burning is exactly the same. So keep any eye on your heart rate. Personsonally I prefere the cross trainer. The cross trainer  doesn't put as much pressure and strain on your joints as the treadmill does, this is due to the wider variety of muscle groups involed in the workout. Also, the more muscles you engage, the more benefit. 

I like to get my cardio out of the way first when I hit the gym, because lets face it - no one likes cardio! Although 5K can sound daughnting, it doesn't have to. You can take it at your own pace and at an intensity suited to you and I promise you'll work up a sweat and feel amazing afterwards! 

3mins warm up - Resistance level 3
0-1K -Resistance level 6
1-2k - Resistance level 8
2-3K - Resistance level 10
3-4K - Resistance level 8
4-5 Resistance level 10
5mins cool down - Resistance level 3

My aims when on the cross trainner is beating myself. I keep a note of the time it takes me to do 5K distance, and next time I try to beat it. I average about 20-25 mins at the moment. But little by little I'm improving. I use the resistance to engage my muscles, the the higher the resistance, the more your muscles have to work, especially when trying to keep the same speed. I aim for 11-14 on my speed. 

I've been doing this every time I hit the gym for about a month or two now, and I can say it gets easier. But along with that, my thighs are more toned, as is my but, and I'm definitely improving my stamina. 

So next time you're dreading the treadmill, hit the cross tainer! 
I'd love to hear how you get on! 

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