BVLGARI: Omnia Crystalline Gift box

Ever since I received a sample of Omnia Crystalline in a Box swap with BeautyQueenUK (here), I've been in love with the Bvlgari Omnia crystalline perfume. The fragrance is  gorgeously elegant and sexy including notes of bamboo, nashi, lotus flower and balsa wood, resulting in a woody scent with beautiful sweet notes giving it a very sensual scent.

My boy friend loves this perfume on me, i can tell because the moment I walk into the room wearing it, he pays a lot more attention to me. If you catch my drift ;)  So men seem to really love it too! Hehe. I was a very luck girl and got given the gift set from my Boyfriend for Christmas. The set included The Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline perfume (40ml), shower gel (75ml) and body lotion (75ml). Simply use all three products whilst getting ready for the night out, and together this set makes the perfect combination for a radiant scent that lasts all night long. 

Although I like to keep this perfume for special occasions or date night, it can be a lovely everyday scent to, I think its the sweet notes which make this perfume so versatile. I would say that this is a perfume for the more mature woman, as its not really sweet and girly, but strong and sensual. 

I have a real problem with most perfumes, getting them to stay on my skin for more than half an hour. But Bvlgari Omnia crystalline is different, it clings to my skin and clothes for hours so much that I constantly get compliments on my perfume! 

So when you're next in a fragrance shop, stop and give it a sniff and Let me know what you think!

Thank you again to BeautyQueenUK for introducing me to it!

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