Beah Decor - Part 5 - Handmade dining table

 I'm lucky enough to have a boyfriend who is a super-duper carpenter. And being the clever man he is, over Christmas, he turned our friends' old bed, into a gorgeous work of art: So welcome our NEW dining table! Complete with benches! I am absolutely in love with this piece, it's painted white and distressed so it look like a really vintage piece. Plus it's hand made, so no one else in the world has a table like this, and it fits beautifully into our little beach apartment. 

I've dressed the table very simply, as we're still to decide on a colour scheme for this room. But the blossom tree was a gift from me to my boyfriend over Christmas, but actually lights up red. The little white heart is from my mum, and I have a couple more dotted around the room. The cute plaque is also a Christmas present from a very dear friend back at home.

I'm so happy I now have a place to write, read and eat. Wonderful! 

What do you think? 

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