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It really pains me to do this, but I'm going to be taking a few weeks off from blogging. I've loved blogging everyday through from December. But life sometimes throws us things that we don't expect. So while I sort myself out and deal with current cirumstances, I will not be posting. However I will still be interacting on twitter and facebook so I don't miss out on all your lovely posts! 

If you want to get in touch, I'll still be answering emails so drop me a line at glitterviewblog@gmail.com 

And I'll be seeing you soon....x

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Bed Time - Tea Time

Tetley Decaf green and pomegranate is my current bed time tea. Being English, tea is a staple food group, but before bed I prefer a calming and tranquil tea which will help me relax and fall asleep. Being Decaf, the Tetley green and pomegranate tea is the perfect man for the job. 

As well as tasting scrumptious, green tea is an great way to speed up your metabolism, to help you shift that Christmas bloat. The added hint of pomegranate gives it a lovely sweet tang, a great addition to green tea, which can often be rather boring.

Simply pop one of the pyramid tea bags into a mug of just boiled water and allow to steep for 2-3 minutes, then grab your covers, a good book and..... R...E...L...A...X.

Goodnight cherubs

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Summer hair survival - Part 2

Second up on my Summer hair survival series is the Malibu clear hair and scalp protector with SPF15. We all remember (I hope) to apply sun screen during the summer, but do you ever think about your hair? You hair can take such a beating from strong UV rays and heat, just like you skin. 

The Malibu clear hair and scalp protector is the perfect addition to your beach bag to protect your locks from the sun. Formulated as a light oil, the clear hair and scalp protector provides a SPF15 with medium UVA and UVB protection. Simply spray lightly over your locks and scalp, it's that easy. Despite being an oil spray, the Malibu clear hair and scalp protector doesn't leave your hair greasy and weighed down and dries instantly. It also smells INCREDIBLE! Think coconuts and cream combined with beach paradise.... I love how my hair smells using this stuff, like a vacation for your hair. 

Do you protect your hair with SPF? 
See part 1 of the Summer hair survival series here

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Derma intensive+ facial wipes

Make up wipes are forever a controversial product in the beauty world, but there a product I can never go without. Quick and effortless, make up wipes are a fantastic way to remove make up after a long and tiring day. I never stay loyal to a make up wipe and brand, normally going for whatever is on offer at the time. Recently I've come across an awesome brand with a really budget price tag! 

The Derma intensive+ facial wipes by Mellor and Russel. 25 make up wipes providing a 4-in-1 formulation to cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin while removing even the stubbornest eye make up. The wipes are a lightly fragranced with pro vitamin b5 and silk extract. 

They do the job amazingly well, the light and smooth formulation removes make up so easily without any rubbing and tugging on the skin. The Derma Intensive+ make up wipes easily remove my liquid liner and waterproof mascara with no fuss or hassle. Perfect for those evenings where you just can't wait to get into bed! 

The formulation is very silky, and doesn't leave any greasy residue on my face either. I'm not sure how great they are on the cleansing and toning side, but I have a whole cupboard of products for that. So for  quick and easy make up removal these facial wipes are my new obsession. The iddy biddy price tag of $2.10 just makes them even better! I'm not sure if they're widely available in drug stores, but I pick mine up from Coles.

What's your opinion on make up wipes?
Are you a loyal wiper?! 

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Summer hair survival - Part 1

During the summer, your hair can really take a beating. UV damage, heat damage, salt water and over washing. likewise, the winter can also play havoc with your hair, drying it out in the wind, the rain and cold weather. On top of all this abuse, us beauty girls just love to attack our hair with heat styling which only adds to the damage! There are a variety of treatments and products available to treat the damage already done to your hair and prevent any further damage. In this series, I'm going to share a few products that I've been using to keep my hair looking and feeling great during the hot summer months. 

One staple in my hair care is a good leave in conditioner. And I've gone through SO many different brands and formulations in that past, but the Schwarzkopf extra care normal balance express repair leave-in-conditioner really stands out for me. A leave in conditioner for all hair types, the extra care normal balance express repair leave-in-conditioner is formulated with liquid keratin to repair the damage and resurface gaps and breaks in hair. The advanced formula of Schwarzkopf normal balance express repair leave in conditioner gently nourishes hair without leaving it weighed down and greasy, smoothing the hair and adding shine. 

I simply spray the leave in conditioner to the ends and lengths of my hair while it's wet, before styling. I also add a little spritz to the ends after drying to keep my ends from frizzing the heat. You can also use it on dry hair to keep up moisture during the day. I often use it before bed for an over night treatment. As leave in conditioner isn't washed out, it keeps working on the hair during the day to replenish and repair hair all day. 

The normal balance express repair leave in conditioner makes my hair so soft and silky, so much more than other leave in conditioners that I've used over the years. Since using this product my hair isn't as prone to breaking, and looks and feels so much healthier. Unfortunately it doesn't smell that nice. It's not an overpowering scent, and doesn't cling to the hair thankfully, it's just not that pleasant during application. 

So keep your hair tip-top all year round with a leave in conditioner. In heat or cold, damaged hair can always do with a little pick-me-up. 

What leave in conditioner do you use? 

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Side bar beauties

I'd like to introduce you all to my Side bar beauties. These are two fantastic blogs matched perfectly with two lovely authors: Porcelain Shree is written a by California girl; Shree. Porcelain Shree is a beauty focused blog, with a huge variety of subjects, beauty and fashion hauls, to decor and reviews. Combined with some really lovely photography. BeautyQueenUK was a blog that I came across a year or so ago when I was living back in Oxford, UK. Written by Rachel, a self confessed beauty obsessed blogger, featuring in depth product reviews and great insight into new products. These are my first stops when catching up on my blog reading. 

Both of these lovely blogs are featured in my side bar (right), so head over and click their buttons to visit their blogs! Or click on the following links; 

Porcelain Shree

If you want to be featured in my side bar, and be seen by all my viewers and be featured in upcoming posts, please email me here. Price for 1 month is only $5 so get involved and lets connect! 

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