Style | New Years Eve Sparkle

2015 is upon us! How the hell did that happen?! This year has simply flown by... but I'll spare you the emotional recap of 2014 and get straight into the dress. I ordered this little number on pre-order a while ago, and completetly forgot about it. You can imagine my excitement when this landed at my front door yesterday morning. And the timing couldn't of been better! This new years eve - I'm rocking the sequins! And you'll never guess the price!! 

Beauty | Makeup Revolution : Run Boy Run

Since purchasing the Makeup Revolution Salvation palette, it's swiftly become my go to palette for every occasion. The Run Boy Run palette is one of 6 of the salvation palettes from Makeup Revolution and boasts 18 shadows to choose from.  With 12 shimmer shades and 6 matte shades, every single one is highly pigmented, with a soft creamy formula making them perfect for blending. The quality of these shadows matches that of Urban Decay in my opinion, and for the price - that's nothing to scoff at! 

Beauty | Jo Loves : By Jo Malone

Jo Malone has become something of a cult brand this year. After discovering her impeccable ability to create fragrances while running her own skin care clinic, Jo has been filling homes will luxury scents, perfumes and candles for years. But what you may not know, is that since Jo left Jo Malone in 2006, she has been working on her own secret project. 

Lifestyle | Christmas 2014

From my family to yours, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. It's hard to believe that this time last year we were still in Australia, enjoying the festive period in swimsuits and flip flops. So it comes as a bit of a shock to see ice on my windscreen this morning! Brrr

Travel | Siam Park : Tenerife

After 5 days of lazy days reclining by the pool in the sun. We went on the search for some adventure. 

Siam Park Tenerife, rumoured to be the best water park in Europe, was the perfect place to get our adrenaline going. 

Travel | Destination Tenerife

We were desperate for a bit of R&R from a dreary December in London.

So we threw our sunnies in a bag, hopped on a plane, flew towards the equator for some Winter sun. 

Destination: Tenerife. 

Style | 4 Looks : 1 Knit Sweater

I've recently bulked up my knitwear collection for the cold months ahead. Spending all of last year in Australia, my wardrobe was seriously lacking warmth. You don't have to look far this season to see that knits are in. I fell for this light blue knit jumper, I love how it compliments my hair and skin tone as well as making my blue eyes pop. 

Building a wardrobe is an art. Learning how to integrate new items, with your existing wardrobe is about imagination and creativity.  And ultimately creating your own unique style. I've really loved playing with my wardrobe this season, so here's 4 ways to style one knit sweater for the colder months. 

Knit Sweater - Primark (worn throughout) Similar // Pleat Skirt - Uni Qlo here // Chelsea Boots - Topshop Similar // Melissa Bag - Accessorize here // Necklace - Primark (worn throughout) 

Style No.1   'Lets Brunch'   Picture sipping at a skinny flat white aside a choccy croissant. Caching up on the latest gossip and exchanging new indulgences with friends. It's no secret. I love to Brunch.  Mainly because getting out of bed before 9am on a weekend is completely unnecessary, yet have a love for all things breakfast. 

Bulky knits can be a little overpowering for a small frame like mine, so to add a touch of feminine fun I'm wearing my favourite pleat skirt, which flounces as I walk. Yes, like an 8year old. Bring sophistication back the look with a classic pear of Chelsea heeled boots and my go-to bag. 

Cape - eBay here // Skirt - Topshop // Heels - New Look similar 

Style No 2.    'Let's do Coffee'   A large part of my working and personal life involves running to coffee meetings. Be they for work or for pleasure, it's always important to look well turned out. For me it's a balancing act of just enough glam with just enough I woke up like this. 

Little skirt and heels show up for the glam team, while the knit swearer and cape keep the look casual as well as cosy.   

Navy Blazer - H&M similar // Pink Leggings - Uni Qlo In store only - similar // Bag - Zara 

Style No 3.    'Lets Shop'   I always recommend wearing jeans or leggings when out on a shopping trip. Something easy to tug on and off during dressing room visits. And these pink wash  jeans never fail to make me smile. Just because it's Autumn/Winter now, doesn't mean you should shy away from colour.

 Throw on a Blazer to smarten up the look, and a matching shoe and bag combo... let's shop. 

Navy Blazer - H&M  // Dark wash Jeans - Gap here // Bag - Zara similar // Heels - Michael Kors Similar 

Style No 4.   'Let's Work'   I'm lucky enough that my office isn't super formal, most days you'll find me running off to meetings in little dresses or jeans. But this is no dress down friday - this navy blazer gives my figure shape and definition, teamed with dark wash jeans,  totally nails the smart casual look.  Add a pair of comfy heels for good measure, these are my new favourites for Michael Kors and let's get to work.

Bonus look here

I have so much fun playing dress up in my wardrobe. Makes me feel like a little girl again! Let me know how you're styling your knits this Winter! 


Beauty | Paul and Joe Beaute: Brows Blogger Masterclass

A night that promised bubbles and make - up, what more could you want? I was delighted to be invited to a Paul and Joe Beaute Press event in Knightsbridge this week. Greeted with flutes of champagne and cupcakes by the lovely ladies of Dowal Walker and a room full of room full of bloggers and beauty lovers.

Style | You can take the girl out of the Country...

You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl.

 I grew up within a world of farmland, tractors and tweed. It's been almost 5 years since I left home, and now a city girl I can't help but bring some of the country with me. 

Beauty | La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar range

Hyper-pigmentation? Dark spots?  Ever lurking dark circles?  Toss the cucumber slices aside and throw out your concealer (literally) and enter La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar range of skin products. It's not often I rave about a product, but I'm so blown away by the results of these two simple products, that you'd be crazy not to try them! 

Lifestyle | 25 problems of a Beauty Blogger

I've been a beauty bloggers for about 3 years now, and it really is a way of life, in a humorous way. People just don't understand you need to buy that new formulation of lipgloss in EVERY colour. They just don't understand that you can't go out just yet - you need to upload your new post! Both of these to me are very vaild arguments, but you do have to laugh at yourself sometimes. So I've put together 25 of my top problems with being a Beauty blogger, which is had me in fits of giggles while writing! So go on, have a giggle at yourself! 

Lifestyle | MAGNIFY - ISSUE 1 : Faith Feminism Fashion

Introducing MAGNIFY and exciting new woman's mag with attitude and aspirations. With Blogging and digital publications, it's becoming a rare thing to actually get your hands on a physical product. Now I fully support the digital age, if I didn't I wouldn't be blogging, but there's something about holding pages between your fingers instead of scrolling that's so satisfying. 

Style | Show stopping Shoes

Anything under 5"3 and you're classed petite, this is a joke right?! I never reached 5 foot, so what should I call myself? 

Micro Petite? 

At 4"10, I struggle to be seen as an adult. Or seen at all for that matter. I have to tiptoe to enter my pin at a store and constantly have ID to hand. I'm 23, and most 13year old are taller than me. However, I can choose to hunch my shoulders and push my way through the crowd or I can embrace it. 

Beauty | Liberty Print Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar

Last Saturday evening, the boyfriend and I spent the evening browsing the rooms of Liberty. Now, if you've been to Liberty, you'll know its a beauty and fashion lover's heaven. So why did I spend the whole time standing in one spot, when there's SO much to look and lust at? 

This my lovelies is why....

The Liberty Print Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar. 

The Beauty advent calendar to rule them all. Forget any other gift on your list for santa, move over Christmas morning. This year, it's all about The Liberty Print Christmas Beauty Calendar. 

Style | Get-up-and-go Style

So you're chilling out at home, you've got some good beats going and the wine is flowing when somebody suggest going out. I believe the best nights out are the spontaneous ones, throwing cation to the wind and heading off with destination unknown. 

Lifestyle | Do fairytales exist?

I've recently been going through a transitional phase in my life. Not a physical or geographical one, but a mental, emotional and spiritual transition. My brain is no longer being overloaded with the spiralling hormones of a teenager, my body has decided it's staying put how it is, so shouldn't life be getting simpler?

Beauty | Black Friday Wishlist

One of the many things I miss about living in Australia has to be Black Friday. Every year the day after Thanksgiving, every shop window and online store is boasting huge and excessive discounts and deals. It's the one day a year where you don't have to feel bad for splurging on those luxury items.

Decor | Home is Where the Heart is...

One of my favourite type of post to read is home decor. I love getting new inspiration and tricks that I can incorporate into my own home. We recently moved from Cambridge to London  and totally loving exploring the big city. 

Beauty | Autumn Winter 2014 : Lipstick Picks!

Autumn and Winter are definitely my favourite seasons for Make up. I go mad over the dark berry and cinnamon red shades which occupy beauty counters this time of year. I'm not a huge wearer of bright colours during the warmer months, but as soon as Autumn set in - Hold me back! 

Beauty | SACHAJUAN Protective Hair Perfume

SACHAJUAN Protective Hair Perfume*, is one of those products that I'm not sure I need, but I'm so intrigued that I try it anyway! I was once told a little spritz of perfume in your hair made your scent last longer, but what about a perfume JUST for your hair? 

Lifestyle | Portobello Road Market

As newbies to London, we're all about seizing every chance we get to explore the beautiful city. I always said I never wanted to live in London, I only moved here for my job. However the more time I'm here and exploring I'm very quickly falling in love.


So comes the end of October! And what a crazy one it was! 

I had a glorious two weeks off work!! 

We moved into our cosy flat in London. 

I turned 23! And was whisked off to Paris to celebrate! 

So much has happened in one month. But I thought I'd squeeze in some time to share some on my favourites this month with you!

Enjoy.... <3 

DIY | A Crafty Halloween Alternative

You can't escape it, everywhere you look, everything you read, everything you hear. 

Halloween is upon us. However, what if you don't celebrate it? 

Personally, I don't care for halloween, among other reasons, it's a huge marketing scheme which make companies a whole lot of cash this time of the year, and Christmas is expensive enough!

I just don't understand the pull of it, yes its an excuse to have a party and dress up in weird and wonderful outfits, complete with fake blood and fangs. Overall I just don't see the attraction of all this Halloween Hype...

For those of us who don't wish to dress up and look like the half dead, and don't fancy knocking on strangers' doors in the hope of sugar treats, this post is for you! 

Instead of squeezing into laddered tights and applying WAY too much eye-liner, I'm opting for some Crafty Halloween Alternatives... 

Why not make the most of the dozens of pumpkins available on every corner? But instead of scaring your neighbours, how about some of these gorgeous home decor pieces? 

Find the DIY instructions for this beautiful autumnal glitter candle here

Or go for something more simplistic... this gorgeous polka dot sequin pumpkin, found here.

Somewhere between clouds of glitter and sticky fingers, you may find yourself feeling a little peckish... 

Why not try this Pumpkin and cinnamon tear bread, find the details and recipe here.

Don't brave the cold for your favourite caffeine fix, when you can make it at home. Nothing makes me feel more cosy in autumn than curled up sipping on a Pumpkin spiced latte. Try this healthy recipe here.

For me the most exciting thing about the end of October, is that it's NEARLY CHRISTMAS! Oh yes, I yearn for all things red and gold, bright and twinkly. Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year. 

So before time runs out, why not get started on some DIY Christmas Cards? I love this one, you can find the tutorial here.

So whether or not you're celebrating Halloween this year, stay safe and let me know if you try any of these! 

If you do I'd love to see them - make sure you tag me on Instagram - @glitterview and while you're at it, don't forget to follow! 

Lifestyle | Street food at Camden Food Market

 A symphony of smells and colours was a beautiful site for hungry shoppers...

After perusing the hundreds of stalls boasting delicacies from all corners of the globe we finally settled on pulled duck. 

A choice of a roll or a wrap as well as your sauce, this tasty treat had us drooling. 

Lifestyle | Camden Market

Our first real weekend as Londoners. Oh yes, I am still like a kid on Christmas morning. No more ruddy commute and the world on my door step means a happy Claire! 

What better way to spend our first weekend than by exploring? 

Beauty | Autumn Beauty Warriors

Gone are those long summer days and skimpy summer dresses. Autumn is well and truly settling in and Winter is just around the corner. Changes in air temperature and the unpredictable nature of the elements tend to wreak havoc with your beauty regime. 

Travel | PARIS : Part 3 -Sundown at The Scare Coeur, Montmartre and The Moulin Rouge

At this point my feet were plotting murder. In hindsight, heeled boots weren't the best choice for walking miles around Paris. 

We did literally walk miles. With one day to make the most of this beautiful city, we pushed on and headed north, up the winding streets to Montmartre. 

Travel | PARIS : Part 2 - Love Lock Bridge

Arm in arm we stumbled upon the famed LoveLock bridge whist heading in the direction of the Eiffel Tower from Notre Dame.

 And it's really hard to miss. 

Travel | Paris - Part 1

It's not everyday you get whisked off to Paris. I could hardly contain my excitement when my boyfriend surprised me with tickets for my Birthday on Tuesday. I'm not going to lie, this post is going to be long and very photo heavy! Just so you know! 

Youtube | The Vlog-o-sphere

The last couple of weeks, I've been in the mood to start Vlogging. However it's taken me a while to get my head around the embarrassment, and fear of YouTube exposure, but I finally figured - What the hell? 

So whenever I do anything vaguely interesting , or even completely boring I'll be picking up my camera and taking you along with him. This is not replacing my blog, as this is where my heart truly is. It's just fun to be more interactive with people through videos! 

So here's one to get you started, I hope you like it. 

Be kind :) 

Style | Effortless style for second day hair

Lately, I've been trying to limit the amount of times a week I wash my hair. Frequent washing actually causes your scalp to produce even more oils, making it greasier more quickly. Not only that, but over washing can cause your hair to become dry, dull and brittle. 

I'm loving this simple second and third day hairstyle, it's so simple, and effortlessly stylish. Perfect for those days where hair can be a bit unruly and uncompromising. 

Lifestyle | Vino and Familia

Wednesday night, after ramming all our worldly belongings in the back of the car, we took my Boyfriend's parents and sister out to dinner to thank them for giving us somewhere to sleep for the last 4months. We braved the beastly weather and headed off to a swanky country pub where we stuffed ourselves with delicious steak and burgers and copious amounts of wine. Not to mention a cheeky Tia Maria Coffee to send us to sleep. 

Beauty | A Whiter Brighter Smile

One of the best accessories is a pretty smile. A key to great personal confidence is being proud to bare your pearly whites.  My teeth are definitely what I get most compliments on, and I'd like to keep it that way.

Lifestyle | Coffee Catch-Up

Heels off, Pj bottoms on, snuggled into a cosy knit jumper and 3, 2, 1, Relax. 

At the end of another busy week I love nothing more than to sit back with a steaming mug of coffee (or a cheeky glass of bubbles) to reflect on the week. 

Decor | Nesting Material

As I've got older, I've noticed I'm becoming more and more like my mother. My mother is the queen of perfection, everything in it's perfect place and flawlessly coordinated. This motherly instinct is becoming more intense the close I get to moving day. Like a magpie I've been collecting cute for bits and bobs to make our new home, feel like home. 

I like to call these bits and bobs: Nesting Material.

The Holy Grail

It's every woman's life mission to find their Holy Grail foundation. 

Only a few women succeed, and I think, I think I have done just that. 

Inika Mineral Foundation is a foundation which I bought on sale in australia, put in my collection and never thought twice about it. I tried it once, mistaking it for a finishing powder and disregarded it completely.

I wasn't until I actually read the packaging when I realised that it wasn't a setting powder, but indeed a foundation in it's self.

Thats when my my world changed. Okay not my world but - my make up routine did. 

Inika's Mineral Foundation is organic and completely free of any chemicals, as well as a high coverage foundation and concealer in one. 

Work the product in circular motions using a kabuki brush for a natural flawless even complexion which literally lasts all day, without any of the nasty chemicals.

For a more 'made up' look, especially for evenings, I reach for Bobbi Brown - Long-Wear Even finish foundation. 

It took me a while to figure out how to apply this one, it's really thick and sets really really quickly. Using the same kabuki brush I stipple a tiny amount of foundation to create an even base. 

Do be warned, it smells HORRIBLE. But it does the job and doesn't budge an inch - perfect for when you need to look your best.