Ulta 3 Moisturising Lipstick shine/matte : A Review

Ulta 3 Moisturising Lipstick shine/matte : A Review

A great lipstick for under $5? Lies I hear you say? But I tell the truth. I recently picked up a couple of Ulta3 moisturising lipsticks, one in Matte and one in the normal shine formula and I was honestly very pleasantly surprised! 

Ulta3 is an Australian based cosmetics brand which is best known for it's great quality nail polish line, but also produce a range of other makeup products too! The Ulta3 moisturising lipstick line comes in two formulations, shine and matte. I was so excited to see a drug store brand formulating affordable matte lipsticks for a change, as normally you have turn to a high end brand for the matte formulations. 

Both formulations are rich, highly pigmented and apply very easily with a surprising wear time too! I found I only needed to reapply once or twice through out the day. The regular shine formulation was noticeably more moisturising than the matte which did tend to slightly dry out my lips after wearing it all day. Despite that, I really love the matte finish, it's not absolutely matte, there is a slight sheen to the product once applied but I would prefer that to the powdery look that some matte lipsticks can give you. 

The Ulta3 moisturising matte lipstick I picked up was Shade: Pink Pout. As you can see there is a slight sheen to the finish, but the lipstick is still leaning toward the matte look rather than a high shine! Pink pout is a bluely toned muted pink, a your lips but better sort of colour which is just so easy to wear day and night.  Tip: bluely toned lipsticks like this help to make your teeth look whiter! 

The shine lipstick formulation is just beautiful, it glides of on easily, I would advise to use a lipliner as the formulation is very creamy and can bleed and move easily while wearing. Once applied, the high pigmentation is coupled with a gorgeous shine, eliminating the need for lipgloss, which is a huge bonus in my books! I picked up the Ulta3 moisturising lipstick in shade: Rosa. This is more of a night time shade, a purple toned dark nude, which is effortlessly classy and looks gorgeous of almost all skin types. 

You can get your hands on Ulta3 products at selected pharmacies or online here. The lipsticks start at the amazingly low price of $2.95! Which is a such a bargain if you ask me, you could get 6 lipsticks for the price of one lipstick from other well known brands! Make sure you check out their other products to, especially their lipliners and nail polish! 

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