The power of Primer! Maybelline: Dream smooth primer

Maybelline: Dream smooth primer

Primer is often a product that most people neglect, either it's forgotten in the mornings when rushing off to work or school. Or some haven't ever really thought it necessary. I was one of these people till just a couple of years ago, and since then I've tried a few primers, but never really found one that really worked for me. But since trying Maybelline's new Dream Smooth Primer, I'm now a full covert to the power of primers. 

It's summer here at the moment, and getting your foundation to stay put and not slide off your face is a real challenge. The Maybelline dream smooth primer is my answer to this annoying issue! In the form of a light gel mousse, Maybelline dream smooth primer glides onto the skin so beautifully, leaving a gorgeous silky feel to the skin. Being a light gel, it doesn't clog up pores or leave a greasy residue, it sets into the skin to leave a matte veil of product ready for foundation or powder. 

You only need the tiniest amount of the dream smooth primer to cover your face with sufficient product. The primer works as smooth base for the rest of your make up, increasing wear time and appearance of make up. Those days still happen, when I'm in a rush and I forget primer, and it's those days I really do notice the difference! Dream smooth primer keeps my make up looking fresh and flawless for over 6hours, which is pretty amazing for a drug store primer in my books - only $7.97 at Chemist wear house - here. I will be repurchasing this baby for sure! 

Are you a primer convert?

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