The perfect bronzer? Revlon Photoready Bronzer - 100 Bronzed and Chic

The perfect bronzer? 
Revlon Photoready Bronzer - 100 Bronzed and Chic

Announcement everybody, I have an important announcement. I believe I have finally found the perfect bronzer! Yep, The new Revlon Photoready bronzer in 100 Bronzed and Chic is the answer to all of my bronzing woes. 

Revlon photoready bronzer is a matte pressed powder bronzer which comes in a pan with 4 different shades of powder, two darker and two lighter shades, all pressed together with a beautiful tree design on the surface. The combination of the 4 shades allows you to customise your shade to match your skin tone. This is a great plus, especially during the summer; as my skin tans I can blend the perfect colour bronzer every time without having to purchase multiple products! 

 The powder is finely milled silky powder which applies flawlessly to the skin, with no ugly patches. The pigmentation is lovely with this powder too, a little bit goes a long way and blends in really well in to the skin. I like to use Bronzed and chic as a contour powder, but it also works great as a normal bronzer too! I love how it's so versatile, giving a perfect bronzed look every time. I love that its matte too, its so hard to find a decent matte bronzer in the drugstore these days. And The Revlon photoready bronzer is exactly that, perfectly matte without looking dry and powdery. 

The sleek black packaging its thin and elegant giving it a very professional look, completed with a applicator brush. Personally I choose to use my own brushes over the ones provided as they tend to be a bit cheap and nasty. I use a Sigma F40 Large angled contour brush which you can find here.  

The Revlon photoready line is designed to be long lasting and hold up flawlessly under the harsh exposure of camera flashes. And I have to hand it to them, it does this pretty well! The wear time is awesome, I hardly ever have to retouch my bronzer when I've used this product, and I wear it almost everyday, another gold star for the Bronzed and Chic bronzer for being low maintenance! Even under camera flashes, the product remains looking flawless, and being matte doesn't defect the light of the flash! Perfect.

The only one downside to this product is completely my fault. I dropped it! *sigh* Yes, I was gutted. I think the moulding of the 4 shades in the quartered circle makes the powder rather delicate as a whole, making it break along the lines quite easily. Mine smashed into the 4 quarters and crumbled away at the edges. I'm still using it up though, I love it that much! 

You can get Revlon photoready bronzer - Bronzed and Chic at most drugstores. I got mine for $22 at the Cosmetic wear house. 

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Have you tried Revlon Photoready bronzer?