Indio: Clear Quick Draw: Loosening and Calming gel for problematic skin

Indio: Clear Quick Draw

Indio Clear Quick draw is a think gel mask that is designed for sensitive and problematic skin. The formulation works by loosening the pores of the face and stimulating all the oils and dirt to rise to the surface of your skin. Clear quick draw combines aloe vera and other ingredients to calm any redness and puffiness which goes along with those nasty acne spots and breakouts. Stimulating circulation within the skin the gel pulls the dirt and oils from the skin, making the areas easier to treat and extract. 

It's pretty simple to use as well, simply apply a generous amount of the gels all over the face and allow to sit for 15 minutes. I find that it works best when used in the bath, the warmth of the water and steam assists the product opening your pores allowing the trapped oil and dirt to rise to the surface. Personally, I use Clear quick draw as a targets treatment rather than a mask. I don't have hugely problematic skin, but I get a few breakouts mainly on my chin. So I just dab a bit of the product over the problem areas and leave for 15 minutes to work. 

The product doesn't have a particular scent, but the ingredients are very strong, so avoid application around your eye area as it can sting and be rather uncomfortable. I would also advise not using Indio Quick Clear gel prior to a big event or an occasion where you need your skin to look it's best. Like with most facials, it does get worse before it gets better. My skin actually broke out pretty badly after using it, due to all the oils being drawn out from the deep layers of my skin, but after about 2 days it all cleared up and the results were great! My skin was clearer, fresher and felt so much healthier*. 

So if you suffer from problematic skin or bad breakouts, you should really give this baby a go! You can purchase Indio Clear Quick Draw here!

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