Get New Years ready with ST.TROPEZ bronzing mousse

I don't know about you but New Years is an event where I definitely want to look my best, there's always lots of parties and events and even more photos! Nothing makes you look more radiant, healthy and polished than sun kissed skin. Forget expensive spray tans and dangerous sun bed and get yourself and easy, and flawless tan in the comfort of you own home. 

ST.TROPEZ bronzing mousse is a self tan you can do at home, whether you're getting ready for a night out or just love looking sun kissed. With a gorgeously light weight texture, this bronzing mouse is infused with vitamin E to treat your skin and deliver a flawless streak free tan every time. 

It can be a bit scary using a self tanner for the first time, so grab yourself a ST.TROPEZ applicator mitt (here $11.95) and consider using a couple of these tanning tips. 

Tanning tips

Exfoliate - To avoid any dark dry patchy spots use a exfoliating scrub all over your body in the shower, try to avoid scrubs with a high oil content as this can prevent the tan from applying evenly. 

Shave - Make sure your pins are freshly shaved/waxed before application, using an exfoliator before shaving can also help you get a closer, cleaner shave. 

Moisturise - Don't moisturise all over, but focus a small about of moisturiser on dry areas, such as elbows, knees and ankles. Simply brush softly over these areas with the product when applying. 

When you're all prepped, apply a small about of ST.TROPEZ self tanning mousse to you mitt and apply to your skin in circular motions, I find it works best to work on a small section of your body at a time, I start with my stomach. The ultra lightweight mouse applies so smoothly and by using circular motions around your body it blends effortlessly into the skin. Using light circular motions avoid those ugly streaks that give away the secret of a fake tan! 

The product has a surprisingly nice scent too, a light tropical scent, rather than that nasty fake tan smell lots of other brands tend to have. Once applied all over, avoid dressing until your skin is touch try, this takes about 5 mins. Your skin will feel a little stick for a while, but as the tan develops over the next couple of hours this disappears. 

Also avoid showering for at least 4 hours after application to let the tan colour your skin perfectly. The ST.TROPEZ bronzing mousse gently fades over about 3-5 days depending on your skin, but it does fade smoothly and evenly over this time. If like me you like to keep your bronze glow going, I like to reply about ever 3 days just to upkeep the colour. One initial application gives me a beautiful skin kissed glow which isn't orange at all which is always a worry when using a new self tanner! I'm quite pale, but if you prefer a darker colour, simply reapply more frequently to deepen the colour. 

Overall, ST.TORPZE bronzing mousse is an amazing product, for me it removes all the pains of self tanning. It's quick, simple and flawless. So if you're looking for that sun kissed glow this party season, defiantly pick up this self tanner! You can get ST.TROPEZ from most drug stores and department stores or here for $39.9r(120ml).*
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