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Festive Fingers
 Ulta3 Nail art Nail Stickers 
So I've been giving my nails a little bit of a vacation from my normal acrylic manicures, So they've been riding bare and free for the last month or so. But as it's the holiday season and I've been seeing so many cute Christmas nail posts, I felt like I owed it to my nails and make them look festive too!

So instead of heading to a nail bar, I actually picked up a couple of packet of the Ulta3 Nail art, nail stickers. I've used nail stickers before and they're fabulous! Easy to use, easy to remove, perfect for an effortless polished look.

Each pack comes with 16 stickers in assorted sizes and a handy mini nail file.

The two sets I picked up were a gold leaf hatching design topped with some gold gems at the nail bed. I thought these were so beautiful. They're glittery and Christmassy while still looking very chic and glamourous. The other pair, which I think I'll save for New Years eve are a more fun and funky design, combining silver gem detailing with an awesome zebra print. 

I've posted before on my application method, so click the link to see a step by step on how to apply nail stickers. I think nail stickers are an awesome way to glitz up your nails for the Christmas party season and for only $5 a set! 

How to apply Nail stickers

What are you wearing on your nails this party season?

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