Beach Decor: Pinterest Inspiration - Part 3

Beach Decor - Part 2
Pinterest Inspiration

So as you know from my previous posts ( Previous post ), you know I've moved! And I'm taking you along with me on my mission to decorate and style my lovely new apartment. Currently I'm on a little bit of a break from decorating as it's Christmas, but that hasn't stopped me from looking for inspiration. And where do you go for inspiration?! Of course - Pinterest

So here's a couple of room decor pictures I'm really liking at the moment. As we live by the beach, we're going for a fresh and organic beachy feel to the apartment, so I'll be taking inspiration from these photos when I get back round to decorating. 

The living room

Our living room is no where near this size, and out flooring is a lighter wood, but I love this look. Especially the white and antiqued furniture. Also I love the neutrals combined with a variety of cool blue tones. Definitely a light and soft beachy feel here! 

The bedroom

I absolutely adore this colour scheme! We already have sheeting in the same neutral tone as in the picture, but add a couple of coral pillow cases, a blanket and some decorative throw pillows and POW! I love how simple and romantic this look is. I also really love the blue walls, but I don't think my other half would approve if he came home and I've painted the walls! 

Again, I'm really loving the neutral earthy tones, but my favourite part of this decor has to be the distressed/drift wood piece above the head board. I think I may have to get my DIY hat on for this one!  

The details
How cute is this?! I've always thought it was the little details that really make a place look polished and beautiful. I really love how simple this is too, a small length of frayed rope to pull back the curtains and thats it! I would probably choose to replace the fixing with a brass door nob or something similar. This just screams beach apartment! 

Pinterest is amazing for inspiration for almost everything, I'm on there constantly. If you want to see more of the things I'm loving and pinning, make sure you follow me on Pinterest by clicking the button below!

Check back over the next few weeks to see more of my Beach Decor series. 

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