Affordable skin care: Swisspers naturals - Aloe soothing eye cream: A review

Affordable skin care
 Swisspers naturals Aloe soothing eye cream
Skin care can often be very pricey, and this is okay every now and again for a treat, or a product that you really know and love. The price tag is often worth it. But most of the time you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on a product when another product works just as well and is half the price! I discovered the Swisspers line of affordable skincare is actually pretty decent for the tiny price tag. I've tried a couple of products for their line, including the Swisspers calming green tea cleansing facial wipes, which I loved. But the product that has really stood out for me is the Swisspers Naturals - Soothing eye cream with Aloe. 

Swisspers aloe soothing eye cream is very light cream gel, packaged in a handy squeezey tube, formulated to promote healthier  and younger looking skin, white using CoEnzyme Q10 to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The gel/cream also works to reduce those horrible puffy under eye circles! 

The Aloe soothing eye cream contains lots of yummy skin Vitamins including VitA and VitE along with Cucumber fruit extracts, which also make the product smell fresh and clean. The aloe content of the cream works to target those oh-so-delicate area under the eye which are prone to showing signs of ageing. Absorbing deep into the skin to reduce redness, puffiness and the skin's elasticity. The formulation is also paraben and sulphate free, and gentle enough for any skin type. 

Being in my early 20s I think its never too early start protecting my skin from the signs of ageing, especially around the eyes where the skin is so delicate and prone to wrinkles! However it's important not to over load the skin with heavy anti-ageing creams at a too young age. Products like the Swisspers Aloe soothing eye cream are perfect, the formulation is natural and more importantly very light. 

You only need a tiny blob of the product to treat both eyes, by simply placing small dots around the under eye area and gently tapping the product into the skin. I also like to cover my lid and outer corner when using this product, just to ensure I'm protecting and treating my whole eye area. I used the Aloe soothing eye cream after moisturising in the morning and again in the evenings before bed. After application, the cream quickly absorbs into the skin within a minute or two, and sits beautifully under my foundation without creasing. 

I've been using the Swisspers Aloe soothing eye cream for about 6 weeks now, and I really notice a difference. Obviously I'm only in my early 20s so I don't have any wrinkles yet, so the procut is a preventative measure rather than a fix-me-up. But I am noticably using less under eye concealer in the morning, the redness and puffiness is really reduced. My eyes look fresh and well rested, even without any make up. Which is a great positive! 

So next time you're pondering a high-end skin care product, take a look at Swisspers or other drugstore brand skincare ranges. You may just surprise yourself and save some money too! You can find the full range of Swisspers skin care products at Priceline or on their website, here.

Have you tried any of the Swisspers Products?
What do you think? High-end or Drug store?! 

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