A Cruelty free Christmas with LUSH

A Cruelty free Christmas with LUSH

Lush tends to be a staple item in my Christmas stocking, and this year is no different! My Grandmother sent me these little treats and I was so excited to receive them! The box came wrapped, but I didn't have to open it to know it was from Lush! That smell! Offft its so amazing, my apartment has been full of sweet sugary scents for over a week now! 

So here's what I got; Candy Mountain bubble bar, which is a cute little pink and cream mountain shaped bubble bar. This little beauty smells like candy, it's so sweet and sugary and even has some shimmery glitter too! I cant wait to use this, and a bubble bar of this size is good for about 2 or maybe 3 baths!

Sweet soap of mine pack, this bundle contains two wedges of Lush's most famous and favourited soaps; The Godmother and Rock Star. The Godmother soap has long been my favourite soap from lush, you can find a full review of The Godmother here

Snow Fairy Shower gel, why is this limited edition?! I do not know! You can only get Snow Fairy shower gel around the Christmas period at Lush. I don't think I've seen any other Lush product more lusted after, blogged about and widely loved! With the same scent as the Rock Star soap, this shower gel is such a treat. 

Did you get any Lush goodies this Christmas?

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