Inika - Mineral Eye Shadow - Mango & Burnt Sienna : A Review

Inika - Mineral Eye Shadow - Mango & Burnt Sienna :
 A Review

I'm really loving trying out new products at the moment. So many beautiful brands here in Australia, that I just have never seen in the UK, its amazing. So when I see something new and exciting I just have to try it out! Recently I discovered Inkia mineral cosmetics. They have a huge range of mineral make up products ranging from foundations to lipsticks! But what really caught my eye was their stunning mineral pigment eye shadows. 
Like most, I have a love hate relationship with pigments. Most of the time they're far too much hassle and messy, and if you're anything like me, most of the product ends up on the floor rather than on my face! But these beauties were just too delicious to pass up. So I picked up two Inika mineral eye shadow pigments in shades: 26 - Mango and 07 - Burnt Sienna. I also picked up a mineral foundation which I'm still testing out, a review will be up shortly! 

What I really love about these pigments is how finely milled they are, they go on so smoothly like silk with no clumps or bulks to work out. The finely milled product makes it just a dream to blend, with a fluffy eye brush they simply look gorgeous. Application is great two, there are two ways to apply a pigment. Either dry using a normal flat eye shadow brush or your fingers, however I find that this method leave a large amount of fall out to clean up afterwards. I prefer to slightly dampen my brush and then pat a small amount of product on to my eye lids and build it up slowly. This method creates a gorgeously creamy smooth look. Another nifty idea is to wet an eyeliner brush and create a eyeliner look with the pigment too! 

The wear time of these is also amazing, so much better than most pressed eye shadows I've used. When applied damp, these pigments didn't crease AT ALL! Which for me is pretty amazing and my eyes tend to crease eye shadow like hell, and I didn't even use a primer! They lasted me all day and into the evening without a single touch up. Now who doesn't like the sound of that?! 

26 - Mango

 26 - Mango is definitely coming up more orange toned on camera, but the pigment is more of a coral/salmon colour in real life Its packed full of very finely milled gold shimmer, which looks gorgeous on and somehow colours like this help to make your complexion look more tanned and healthy too! I love to use this pigment either all over the lid or dabbed in the center of my eye lid to create dimension to my look. 

You can purchase Mango here, however don't be put off by the fact that online image looks NOTHING like the pigment in real life! 

 07 - Burnt Sienna
Burnt Sienna for me is one of those colours you just cant walk away from. Again my photos really aren't giving it justice. The shadow is a soft burnt grey/brown ashy colour which leans towards a purple tone. Yes I'm really not great at describing colours! Again burnt sienna is packed full of shimmer, with flecks of rose gold and gold. It's simply to die for. I've worn this dry all over the lid for a subtle every day look. And I also love to wear it slightly damp, blended into the crease of my lid over Mango. 

You can purchase Burnt Sienna here.

 Because Inika products are all mineral based, their content is completely natural, and is perfect for even the most sensitive of skin types and eyes. So overall, my mind has been changed - pigments are definitely worth the trouble. These pigments make is so easy to create soft and subtle looks or build up the colour for a sexy more dramatic eye. 

Inika mineral eye shadows are $25 for 1.2g and will last you forever - well almost! Definitely check these out if you can! Make sure to check out the complete Inika range on their website! 

Have a great Thursday everyone!