A backpackers make-up bag

A backpackers make-up bag

Obviously when you're going travelling, you have to learn to compromise. You haven't got much room, and everything you want to take with you, you have to carry on your back. And for a beauty obsessed  individual, this was a very painful and difficult decision! What products do I need?! What products for I want? Will it all fit? So many questions, and decisions to make. 

So I thought I would share with you the products which is decided to take with me to Thailand. I was in Thailand for 5weeks, and this is ALL the make-up I took with me! And It took me about 3 purges, before I left to choose these select few products! Also, please excuse the photos, they were taken with my ipad as I haven't had my proper camera sent over from home yet! 

The Face
Garnier - BB cream - Medium 
When going to a hot country for an extended period of time, foundation - even BBcream, as I learn very quickly, is a bit of a waste of time. No matter what I did, I'd put the stuff on and it would be off my face within the hour. But the Garnier BB cream offered a medium coverage, and 25SPF so perfect for living on the beach! This whole bottle lasted me the whole 5 weeks as well!!

MAC - Studio fix concealer -NC15
To read a full review of the MAC - Studio fix concealer - click here! As you can see I actually finished this concealer whilst I was way, I loved it as it was thick, and didnt move, even in the humidity. I use it under my eyes for a bit of brightening. I will definately repurchase this! 

Natural Collection - concealer - Fair
I just grabbed this out of my collection before I left, just to use on blemishes. It matches my skin tone, so blends perfectly to conceal pesky spots. The Studio fix was too light, and actually gives a brightening effect, and we don't want to bring even more attention to them do we? 

MAC - powder blush - Stunner
This blush has been a favorite for for me for a long long long time! But I don't think I've ever actually done a review on it come to think of it! It's a beautiful subtle matte blush, that works with every look, day or night or a lovely healthy pink flush to the cheeks.  

Sleek - Blush - Rose Gold - 926
A #bblogger favorite, you cannot go wrong with the Rose gold blush. I love the look of this on tanned skin, a perfect blush for that beach goddess look! I used this in the evenings to give my skin a gorgeous glowing flush.

Seventeen - Instant Glow Shimmer Brick - Gold Bronze
I picked this up on a whim, just before I left the UK. I'd hit pan on all the bronzers I was currently using and knew they would just break instantly in my bag. But for a whim, I was actually really happy with this product. Perfectly adapted for the beach with a variety of shimmery bronze colours to give the chic sun kissed look! I also doubled the colours as eye shadow too!

The eyes and lips

Urban Decay - Naked basics pallet 
I purposely bought this pallet with traveling in mind. I just love how small and compact it is, making it perfect to slip in your bag when you don't have a lot of room! The colours range was also perfect, a range of light to darker neutral shadows, great for an effortless day look and darker shades for that smokey evening look. I used this pallet to no end! It even has my eye brow colour in it too, which made life so each. The packaging is starting to look a bit worse for wear now though, and I've hit pan on my favorite shades - Naked2, Foxy and W.O.S. To see a full review of the Urban Decay Naked Basics pallet - Click here

Diego Dalla Palma - Eye Pencil - Black 01 
Standard black eye pencil. Nothing special about this one to be honest, I just grabbed it from my collection. It smudges a fair bit and doesn't have a great wear time, and for a more expensive eye liner I was a little disappointed, I wont be purchasing this again. 

L√≥real - Infallible - Super slim liquid eye liner - Black 
A felt-tip nibbed liquid eye liner, which just goes on and on and on! I'm still using this baby and its been months! Its so easy to apply, none of slit fiddly brush and liquid stuff that seems to go everywhere! It dries instantly and lasts all day. The felt -tip nib makes it really easy to create a thin line , or build it up for a more dramatic look. And winged eyeliner has never been so easy! I'd definitely purchase the L'Oreal infallible super slim liquid eye liner again! 

Seventeen - Lip Lustre - Talk Talk Talk
A really cheap drug store product that I've loved for so long now! This lip gloss is light and packed full of beautiful shimmer. It can feel a little but sticky at times, but overall it wears great for such a cheap product. I was really impressed. The colour too, so beautiful. It's a golden toned peachy/coral colour, which goes so well with the bronzed beach goddess look I am apparently going for! 

Revlon - Lip Better - Peach Parfait  
Revlon lip butters have become a bit of a cult favorite, and I'm no exception. But Peach Parfait is by far my favorite shade in the collection. I've gone through two pots of the stuff since they came out last summer! Like the lip lustre above, its a gorgeous peachy colour, but much more pigmented and leans a bit more to the pink side. 

Palma's - coco butter - lip balm 
Another life long favorite. It moisturizes and protect your lips from the sun with a SPF of 15 as well as smelling absolutely divine! 

Maybelline - The Falsies Volume Express waterproof mascara - Black
Obviously when you know you're going to be on the beach , in the water and in a generally hot environment, a waterproof mascara is essential. I'd tired the regular formula of Maybelline the Falsies before, and figured the waterproof verson would be just as good. The mascara is definitely voluminous, and works great, but I find the formulation is a little bit clumpy, unlike the regular version. 

So that's it, I survived on just 14 products, and for me thats pretty good going! Sorry that this post is extremely long and again for the poor quality photographs!

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What's in your Backpackers make up bag?!