Face anything - Biore - Total Cleansing Pack

Face anything - Biore - Total Cleansing Pack
Biore is one of those brands that you don't hear that much about, but for me it's a brand that I use constantly! I've been using their Pore unclogging scrub for over 3 years now, and its a compete staple in my skin care regime! So when I saw the Biore Face anything pack in the Chemist warehouse store for just $12.99, I couldn't pass it up! 

The pack contains 3 products to bring your skin care regieme 'back to basics'. In the pack I got a full sized Nourish Moisture Lotion with SPF 15, the Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser - full sized, and a pack of 6 of the infamous Deep cleansing pore strips.  All the products in the Biore line are focused on cleaning and cleansing the pores, using non-agressive and intelligent ingredients. Biore believe that clear pores is the secret to gorgeous and flawless skin! 
Biore - Nourish Moisture Lotion
Biore - Nourish Moisture Lotion is a light formulation full of antioxidants and vitamins as well as natural extracts of wild yellow poppy, rose hip, aloe and chamomile. This lotion works to keep the natural balance of your skin as well as giving it an extra boost of the good stuff to keep your complexion happy and hydrated. With the bonus of an SPF 15, which is so important to keep your skin protected from the harsh UV rays on a daily basis. 

I've been using this lotion  for about a week now, and I've found it to be a great addition to my skincare. My skin is rather oil, so I don't need a huge amount of extra hydration, so I've opted to just use it every other day or so to keep my skin nourished. I found that even though the product is oil free, it gave my skin a little too much hydration for everyday. It left my skin looking too oily, but every other day, either in the morning after a shower or before bed kept my skin beautifully hydrated. 

I think it you have combination or dry skin, this would be a perfect everyday moisturizer. My boyfriend loves the stuff, and I've caught him stealing it on more than one occasion - so it must be good!  

Biore - Deep cleansing pore strips
One product that you may or heard of before is the Biore - Deep cleansing pore strips, which have been raved about by various beauty bloggers over the last few years. However I'd never actually tried them myself, I've never tried pore strips at all actually. So I was very excited to see these in the pack, and couldn't wait to try them out! 

The Deep cleansing pore strips are so easy to use, simply cleanse your face prior to use, wet your nose area and pop the strip on. Leave for about 10-15 min and peel off. The strip is packed full of ingredients that literally suck out dirt and oil from your pores. The strip attaches to all those hard to reach areas and pulls out black heads too. The best part - for me - was afterwards. When you peel off the strip, you can literally see the black heads, dirt and oil attached to the strip! Visible proof that they actually work! 

As I said this was the first time I've used the Biore deep cleansing pore strips, so I think I will need to use the strips a few more times to really see a difference in the pore around my nose. Biore recommend regular use to minamise the over all appearance of pores. But I can tell it worked after looking at the strip. Maybe I'm weird, but I liked being able to see my black heads on the strip afterwards! 

Biore - Combination skin balancing Cleanser
Biore - Combination skin balancing Cleanser is a new product to the Biore collection, and works by gently removing dirt and oil from your face without disturbing the natural balance of your skin in the process. Now I don't have combination skin, so I wouldn't of normally picked up this product, but as I wanted to try the other products in the pack, I thought I'd give it a whirl.  The Combination skin balancing cleanser  is oil free, so for me that was enough to give it a try. 

I keep this cleanser in my shower and use it every morning after using my Biore Pore unclogging scrub, and it's a great addition to my every day routine. The product is a gel which foams when applied to a wet skin, and feels very gentle on my skin, with that lovely minty tingly feeling. I have really noticed a difference since using this, my skin feels a lot more fresher and cleaner in the morning, but it also feels brighter, I'm not sure if this is due to the ingredients of the product or just a result of having cleaner and more healthy skin. But either way its a winner for me! 

I've mentioned the Biore pore unclogging scrub, in this post and it still remains my favorite product from the Biore line, and I will follow with a full review of the scrub next week! However, this little pack has really boosted the health and appearance of my skin, in just one week. 
If I had to choose one product to repurchase, I think it would be the  Deep cleansing pore strips! I hughly recommend to check out the Face Anything pack if you can get your hand on one - 3 full sized products for just $12.99, you cant beat that! 

If not you can find the individual products from most Chemists in Australia, including Woolies and coles. You can also get Biore products in Boots and Superdrug in the UK! 

Have you tried Biore? 
I'd love to hear what your favorite products are from the line, So I can see what to try next! 

Inika - Mineral Eye Shadow - Mango & Burnt Sienna : A Review

Inika - Mineral Eye Shadow - Mango & Burnt Sienna :
 A Review

I'm really loving trying out new products at the moment. So many beautiful brands here in Australia, that I just have never seen in the UK, its amazing. So when I see something new and exciting I just have to try it out! Recently I discovered Inkia mineral cosmetics. They have a huge range of mineral make up products ranging from foundations to lipsticks! But what really caught my eye was their stunning mineral pigment eye shadows. 
Like most, I have a love hate relationship with pigments. Most of the time they're far too much hassle and messy, and if you're anything like me, most of the product ends up on the floor rather than on my face! But these beauties were just too delicious to pass up. So I picked up two Inika mineral eye shadow pigments in shades: 26 - Mango and 07 - Burnt Sienna. I also picked up a mineral foundation which I'm still testing out, a review will be up shortly! 

What I really love about these pigments is how finely milled they are, they go on so smoothly like silk with no clumps or bulks to work out. The finely milled product makes it just a dream to blend, with a fluffy eye brush they simply look gorgeous. Application is great two, there are two ways to apply a pigment. Either dry using a normal flat eye shadow brush or your fingers, however I find that this method leave a large amount of fall out to clean up afterwards. I prefer to slightly dampen my brush and then pat a small amount of product on to my eye lids and build it up slowly. This method creates a gorgeously creamy smooth look. Another nifty idea is to wet an eyeliner brush and create a eyeliner look with the pigment too! 

The wear time of these is also amazing, so much better than most pressed eye shadows I've used. When applied damp, these pigments didn't crease AT ALL! Which for me is pretty amazing and my eyes tend to crease eye shadow like hell, and I didn't even use a primer! They lasted me all day and into the evening without a single touch up. Now who doesn't like the sound of that?! 

26 - Mango

 26 - Mango is definitely coming up more orange toned on camera, but the pigment is more of a coral/salmon colour in real life Its packed full of very finely milled gold shimmer, which looks gorgeous on and somehow colours like this help to make your complexion look more tanned and healthy too! I love to use this pigment either all over the lid or dabbed in the center of my eye lid to create dimension to my look. 

You can purchase Mango here, however don't be put off by the fact that online image looks NOTHING like the pigment in real life! 

 07 - Burnt Sienna
Burnt Sienna for me is one of those colours you just cant walk away from. Again my photos really aren't giving it justice. The shadow is a soft burnt grey/brown ashy colour which leans towards a purple tone. Yes I'm really not great at describing colours! Again burnt sienna is packed full of shimmer, with flecks of rose gold and gold. It's simply to die for. I've worn this dry all over the lid for a subtle every day look. And I also love to wear it slightly damp, blended into the crease of my lid over Mango. 

You can purchase Burnt Sienna here.

 Because Inika products are all mineral based, their content is completely natural, and is perfect for even the most sensitive of skin types and eyes. So overall, my mind has been changed - pigments are definitely worth the trouble. These pigments make is so easy to create soft and subtle looks or build up the colour for a sexy more dramatic eye. 

Inika mineral eye shadows are $25 for 1.2g and will last you forever - well almost! Definitely check these out if you can! Make sure to check out the complete Inika range on their website! 

Have a great Thursday everyone! 

Melbourne Cup Bling

Melbourne Cup Bling

It's the Melbourne cup today, and the Corso is full of gorgeous ladies dressed up to the max in pretty dresses and  fascinators . However, this morning, I am work, but I figured I'd make a little effort to dress up too!

So here's my  Melbourne cup Bling! 

Cateyes stone statement necklace - Gold and cream 
 Equip $13
Available here - Now Buy one get one free on this collection! 

Bracelet - Rose gold and pink Crystals 
Equip - $24
Similar can be found here

Oliver Bonas - flower cluster braclet - gold 
This was a birthday present from the lovely Lauren <3 
Available from the Oliver Bonas website - here! 

I hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy the Melbourne cup and drink lots of Champagne! 

A backpackers make-up bag

A backpackers make-up bag

Obviously when you're going travelling, you have to learn to compromise. You haven't got much room, and everything you want to take with you, you have to carry on your back. And for a beauty obsessed  individual, this was a very painful and difficult decision! What products do I need?! What products for I want? Will it all fit? So many questions, and decisions to make. 

So I thought I would share with you the products which is decided to take with me to Thailand. I was in Thailand for 5weeks, and this is ALL the make-up I took with me! And It took me about 3 purges, before I left to choose these select few products! Also, please excuse the photos, they were taken with my ipad as I haven't had my proper camera sent over from home yet! 

The Face
Garnier - BB cream - Medium 
When going to a hot country for an extended period of time, foundation - even BBcream, as I learn very quickly, is a bit of a waste of time. No matter what I did, I'd put the stuff on and it would be off my face within the hour. But the Garnier BB cream offered a medium coverage, and 25SPF so perfect for living on the beach! This whole bottle lasted me the whole 5 weeks as well!!

MAC - Studio fix concealer -NC15
To read a full review of the MAC - Studio fix concealer - click here! As you can see I actually finished this concealer whilst I was way, I loved it as it was thick, and didnt move, even in the humidity. I use it under my eyes for a bit of brightening. I will definately repurchase this! 

Natural Collection - concealer - Fair
I just grabbed this out of my collection before I left, just to use on blemishes. It matches my skin tone, so blends perfectly to conceal pesky spots. The Studio fix was too light, and actually gives a brightening effect, and we don't want to bring even more attention to them do we? 

MAC - powder blush - Stunner
This blush has been a favorite for for me for a long long long time! But I don't think I've ever actually done a review on it come to think of it! It's a beautiful subtle matte blush, that works with every look, day or night or a lovely healthy pink flush to the cheeks.  

Sleek - Blush - Rose Gold - 926
A #bblogger favorite, you cannot go wrong with the Rose gold blush. I love the look of this on tanned skin, a perfect blush for that beach goddess look! I used this in the evenings to give my skin a gorgeous glowing flush.

Seventeen - Instant Glow Shimmer Brick - Gold Bronze
I picked this up on a whim, just before I left the UK. I'd hit pan on all the bronzers I was currently using and knew they would just break instantly in my bag. But for a whim, I was actually really happy with this product. Perfectly adapted for the beach with a variety of shimmery bronze colours to give the chic sun kissed look! I also doubled the colours as eye shadow too!

The eyes and lips

Urban Decay - Naked basics pallet 
I purposely bought this pallet with traveling in mind. I just love how small and compact it is, making it perfect to slip in your bag when you don't have a lot of room! The colours range was also perfect, a range of light to darker neutral shadows, great for an effortless day look and darker shades for that smokey evening look. I used this pallet to no end! It even has my eye brow colour in it too, which made life so each. The packaging is starting to look a bit worse for wear now though, and I've hit pan on my favorite shades - Naked2, Foxy and W.O.S. To see a full review of the Urban Decay Naked Basics pallet - Click here

Diego Dalla Palma - Eye Pencil - Black 01 
Standard black eye pencil. Nothing special about this one to be honest, I just grabbed it from my collection. It smudges a fair bit and doesn't have a great wear time, and for a more expensive eye liner I was a little disappointed, I wont be purchasing this again. 

Lóreal - Infallible - Super slim liquid eye liner - Black 
A felt-tip nibbed liquid eye liner, which just goes on and on and on! I'm still using this baby and its been months! Its so easy to apply, none of slit fiddly brush and liquid stuff that seems to go everywhere! It dries instantly and lasts all day. The felt -tip nib makes it really easy to create a thin line , or build it up for a more dramatic look. And winged eyeliner has never been so easy! I'd definitely purchase the L'Oreal infallible super slim liquid eye liner again! 

Seventeen - Lip Lustre - Talk Talk Talk
A really cheap drug store product that I've loved for so long now! This lip gloss is light and packed full of beautiful shimmer. It can feel a little but sticky at times, but overall it wears great for such a cheap product. I was really impressed. The colour too, so beautiful. It's a golden toned peachy/coral colour, which goes so well with the bronzed beach goddess look I am apparently going for! 

Revlon - Lip Better - Peach Parfait  
Revlon lip butters have become a bit of a cult favorite, and I'm no exception. But Peach Parfait is by far my favorite shade in the collection. I've gone through two pots of the stuff since they came out last summer! Like the lip lustre above, its a gorgeous peachy colour, but much more pigmented and leans a bit more to the pink side. 

Palma's - coco butter - lip balm 
Another life long favorite. It moisturizes and protect your lips from the sun with a SPF of 15 as well as smelling absolutely divine! 

Maybelline - The Falsies Volume Express waterproof mascara - Black
Obviously when you know you're going to be on the beach , in the water and in a generally hot environment, a waterproof mascara is essential. I'd tired the regular formula of Maybelline the Falsies before, and figured the waterproof verson would be just as good. The mascara is definitely voluminous, and works great, but I find the formulation is a little bit clumpy, unlike the regular version. 

So that's it, I survived on just 14 products, and for me thats pretty good going! Sorry that this post is extremely long and again for the poor quality photographs!

Wanna know more about my travels around Thailand? Click here! 

What's in your Backpackers make up bag?! 

60's Daughter - Hand made jewlery

60's Daughter - Hand made jewelry

As I'm clearly loving locally produced and hand made products at the moment, I thought I would continue the theme and share with you another gem made here on the Northern Beaches!

60's Daughter is a handmade jewelry collection made lovingly with cruelty free, high quality materials. The range available is stunning, as each piece is made by hand, they vary slightly from piece to piece which really adds to the charm and elegance of the collection.

I've chosen two of my favorite pieces to show you a glimpse of what's available!

Earth Goddess Cuff
First up, this gorgeously crafted Earth Goddess cuff is made with real amyethist crystals, embeddd in a elegant silver plated cuff. The cuff is easily moulded to fit every wrist and arm, and goes perfectly with everything! I love how eye catching this cuff is, instantly pulling attention, when out on the beach or dressed up for the evening.
Only $110

'Light my fire' - feather earrings
For me, these earrings really steal the show! These beauties are hand crafted from cruelty free feathers with gorgeous detailing including real Swarovoski crystals! I think they would go gorgeously with any outfit for a touch of unique glam!
Only $49

You can get your hands on these original pieces at 60's Daughter's website - here
Or at B-Original in Manly!

What do you think?!

SeaLight Soy Candles

SeaLight Soy Candles

As I mentioned in my previous Beach Décor (link) post, I would review these gorgeous SeaLight candles for you. Hand made locally in Manly NSW, these beautiful soy candles are a touch of the beach in your home.
The candles first off look so gorgeous, the glass tumblers look really fresh and clean and reflect a beautiful light across the room when burning. They come in 4 sizes, Large glass tumbler, Large glass tin lid tumbler (much like the bath and body works candles), Large double wick pots as well at a small travel tin candle! They come a huge variety of scents too. There's something for everyone, from classic lavender or white tea, to the ultra sweet Champagne and strawberry. Or it you love the beachy smell, try the Coconut and lime one!
One candle literally fills the room with scent, unlike many candles I've tried, even better than Yankee candles - reviewed here! Oh yes! I think it has to do with them being made of Soy which makes them smell so strong! They also burn for ages too! One large tumbler probably has over 20 hours of burning in it! Pretty amazing really!
I'm currently burning two of these delightful candles at home, I chose 'Champagne & Strawberries' and 'Pomelo & Grapefruit'. I love how every time I come home, I can still smell their beautiful fragrance in the air, even hours after blowing them out! I think my favourite is the Pomelo and grapefruit, its smells so citrusy and fresh, and instantly makes feel like I'm sat on a tropical island with a fruit cocktail. And who doesn't want that feeling every time they get home?! Hey?!
The candles range from $15 to $30 and are so worth it as they last for ages!
You can get SeaLight candles from B-Original on the corso in Manly NSW. So if you're checking out the Northern Beaches, make sure you get your hands on one of these beauts!

What candles are you burning at the moment?