Life update!

Hello my lovely people, now before you say it, yes, I know - I've seriously been neglecting my blog! But not without good reason! so much has happened in the last few months, and I'm finally in a possition to start blogging again! YEAH!

So before I do, I thought I would give you a little fill in on my life - so here goes;
July 4th 2013 I boarded a flight to Bangkok! I've always wanted to travel, but never had the time or the money honestly, but I graduated in June, so what better time to spread my wings and go exploring. My plan was to fly to Bangkok, before moving to some on the islands to explore, I decided to travel on my own, perhaps a little bit of self understanding was needed, but little old me went off to Thailand. My plan was to stay in Thailand for 3 weeks, and then fly to Sydney Australia for another 3 weeks before flying home.
I spent 2 crazy days in Bangkok before traveling to Koh Tao, a tiny island to the east of the country where I attended a Dive school. The island was pure paradise and I can honestly say that learning to scuba dive is one of the most exciting things I've ever done! I highly recommend learning if you get a change, and my advice would be to hop on a plane to Thailand and attend Davy Jones Locker Dive School on Koh Tao. I loved it so much there that I did my advanced PADI too. I also explores some more of the islands whilst I was there, and my planned 3 weeks turned into 5!!
I then flew to Sydney Australia, and my boyfriend flew out to meet me. We fell in love with the northern beaches, and decided to stay. So my trip has now extended dramatically, as I have no plans to go home anytime soon!
There is good news, my blog is back and better than ever, bringing you some amazing reviews on some products that I've picked up on my travels and some Australian brands that I've been exploring. Also watch out for some beach fashion and hair posts coming up very soon!
All my love from Manly Australia!